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Review of L-Word C-Word

There’s a review of L-Word C-Word, Lesbian Adventure Club: Book 8 over at Rainbow Reviews. Again, we got 5 stars! We are amazing, huh? There’s a link to it in the menu to your left, but check this out:

These characters are ones that I enjoy spending time with over and over again, and each new book is just as good as the ones that came before. In a series, after seven books, is it still possible to be inspired, awed, captivated, thrilled, gut-wrenchingly sad and heart-warmingly happy along with the characters? The answer is a resounding yes and the proof is this book.

Go, DWD! Okay, a little credit to the author, too, if we must. There’s an interview with her posted over there as well. You’ll find the link in the “Links” menu.



5-Star Review for LAC 7

Yeeha! The seventh book, Scraps, got a 5-star review over on Rainbow Reviews.

There’s a link to the review in the menu to your left. I hope you’ll read it. Scraps was a toughie for me, so although the review has good things to say, I don’t like reading it. No throat demon for this chick.

However, how could a girl not blush with gratitude for being referred to as “well developed”? 😳



5-Star Review of Leakers Ignited

There’s a review up on Rainbow Reviews for Leakers Ignited, Lesbian Adventure Club: Book 6. Before I share the review, though, let’s do a little review of our own, shall we?

Leakers Ignited involved a Ginny and Kris event. They decided to mess with us and make everything backwards. Then Roz decides that since Ginny and Kris did the adventure backwards: Why the hell not write the whole frickin’ book backwards? Then along comes the book reviewer. What the hell does the reviewer do? You guessed it. She writes the frickin’ review backwards! Holy shit! Holy frickin’ shit! When the powers-that-be start acting like this, we are back to talking about rips in the fabric of reality!

I know. I know. If we could bring the reviewer into our DWD world, we’d probably high-five the crap out of her … not only for the nonexistent balls to take a dare, but for those twinkling five stars she tacked on as well. And… Pay special attention to her admission of having “a special place in [her] heart” for Claudia and me. Pitter patter. Pitter patter. But what the hell have I ever done that would make her think I have quirks? My handy dandy dictionary says a quirk is a “peculiar behavioral habit.” Me? I’m seriously thinking maybe she got me confused with that b-word of a Laura.

Anyway… Here’s the review…

The author notes from the beginning that she is making this book an adventure for the reader as well as the member of the Dykes Who Dare. You may mimic Kate with her patented “What the hell?” when you learn that the book is written backwards. Seriously. It starts with Chapter 10 and ends with Chapter 1. It is written in the same vein as the rest of the series, just is presented a tad bit differently. If you aren’t up for the challenge, and are in fact a “leaker”, the Forward Version is included as well. My friends ~ take the dare. Embrace the nature of the Lesbian Adventure Club: “to mess with and to be messed with.” Enjoy the story as intended: backwards. And to celebrate this cunning storytelling technique, I am jumping off the pier too. My review is written backwards. Starts with the end and ends with the start. Enjoy it. I “D Double D dare you” to!

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5-Star Review for Sisters

Holy shit! The fifth book in the Lesbian Adventure Club series just got a 5-star review at Rainbow Reviews. All five got five stars. Put that in your Zig-Zag and smoke it!

As always, another month has passed and it is time for another gathering of the Lesbian Adventure Club. This month the hosts are Alison and Janice which is especially fitting given what the women have been dealing with. There was an injunction hearing and Alison went to court to get a restraining order against her ex-girlfriend Lisa. Over the month the women of the group have given Alison as much support as they can and although Lisa has been silent, no one trusts that she is done.

In order to trick Lisa, and keep their group meeting location secret, the story starts out with Kate, Susan, Laura, Janice and Ginny being quite stealthy, hiding their cars at various locations and creating diversions. When all the couples are finally together, what transpires isn’t the typical monthly adventure. For the first time, the women want to be the “Dykes Who Don’t Dare”. They want a fun weekend that is not overly competitive, to be able to relax and simply enjoy each other’s company. But what fun would that be?

They begin by each woman writing down a worry onto a piece of paper that is then burned in the fire. Despite their worries, they each have a lot to be grateful for and the ceremony helps them see that. Then Alison and Janice reveal that the weekend will be filled with each woman getting to make one law that will last for an hour. And of course, there is a baby pink cowgirl hat with a silver star badge on the front to denote the current law maker. There will be no competition and the “beloved big-boobed bimbo babe” will remain with its current owners. What transpires is multiple rounds of Truth or Dare, jumps into the lake, overfilled hot tubs, crazy antics and bossy older sister rights.

Unfortunately, the women quickly learn that Lisa knows where they are and it is suspected that she has broken the restraining order. All of the women band together to help protect Alison, especially detective Laura. She feels fiercely protective of the group of women, and holds herself personally responsible for making sure they are all safe. Laura is desperate to pin charges on Lisa to make it all stop so that Alison no longer has to be afraid. When some of Kate’s stuff is damaged or goes missing, Lisa’s stalking cuts very close to home and encroaches on their weekend.

“Everything felt tainted to me … as though someone had spit on what was precious to us. I wanted to rewind the clock to yesterday in the cop shop parking lot. I wanted to start over, to do whatever necessary to keep what was ours untouched. I wanted Alison back. I wanted Janice back. I wanted to hold onto Claudia, tight. I wanted someone to stand up laughing and scream, “Got you, you b-words! We were only kidding!” I wanted it to be just another stupid game we made up, but it wasn’t.”

In working together to protect one of their own, the women realize how strong they are and how dependent they have become on their group as a whole. They vow to remain family, sisters in every way, and to keep each couple together no matter what. Through the actions of an outsider trying to mess with one of the sisters, the bond between the women is further strengthened in every possible way.

Sisters is a fabulous story about the relationships between each of the five couples as well as their bond as a group. Over time each couple has grown and changed, becoming stronger thanks to the relationships they have forged. There is a level of trust and love amongst the women that is evident through every story, most especially this one. I enjoy these characters so much, and know each time I pick up a new book that it will provide an adventure as well as a touching story about strong women. I enjoy following each of the couples but my personal favorites are Kate and Claudia as well as Laura and Holly. The love is so evident every time each couple is together and the friendship between the four of them is amazing to watch.

These adventures are always filled with a wealth of humor, one of the many reasons why I enjoy them so much. I had to be careful not to laugh out loud on the train when reading about the “Crappie Cabin” and the “Celestial Symbiotic Slumber Chamber” lest I get strange looks from the other passengers. I always giggle at the use of “f-er” and “b-word” amongst the friends, each of which is either a “littermate” or a “crybaby”. And amongst the humor there are important life lessons such as, “when a naked woman is flying overhead preparing to cannonball, do not, under any circumstances, look up.” Who can possibly argue with that?

I highly recommend this entire series for readers who enjoy adventure stories with wonderfully engaging characters. This story can be read on its own, but to fully enjoy and understand all the subtle references I encourage reading the stories in order. Scavengers, Ledge Walkers, Savages and Loose Sleuths are the first four books in the series and each is just as enjoyable as Sisters. What more can I possibly say about this series? Each addition is as good as the previous and is always an adventure. These characters have gone through so much and I hope Wraight continues the series for a while to come!

Come on, Roz! Continue the series! I D Double D dare ya!   😉



Review of Loose Sleuths, Book 4

Rainbow Reviews posted a book review of Loose Sleuths, Lesbian Adventure Club: Book 4. Again, it garnered 5-stars.

Loose Sleuths is once again a fabulous addition to the Lesbian Adventure Club series. It includes playful humor as well as touching moments between the women. I love spending time with these characters, and eagerly anticipate each adventure. I always know that there will be a fun and tricky adventure but there will also be moving displays of the love and closeness of all these women. They are a family, in the strongest sense of the word. Each couple is so realistic, they have issues to deal with and are never perfect, but at the core is intense love and respect that is apparent throughout every story and most especially this one.

The adventure is filled with humor, as is always the case with these stories. I was left with images of the bobbling bimbo prize doing her little dance after Laura gave her “a mighty flick so she did her sluttish jiggle” for the group. Foxhole maneuvers to escape bedrooms and bathrooms, panty swapping, a blue bra blindfold with the straps flapping around, littermates, and mismatched color-coordinated clothing are just a few examples of the hilarity that ensues when these women set off on their adventure.

I love so many of these characters, but this story especially provided more depth to Laura. She is a complex woman, and although she is often scheming and desperate to arise victorious at the end of any adventure at all cost, she truly cares for her friends and will be the first in line if ever one needs help or protection. Kate explains, “As brassy as Evil Dick could be, her heart glinted gold if you looked from the right perspective.” Laura’s relationship with Holly is so strong and there is no question that they are soul mates. Their easy affection with one another is heartwarming and joyful to experience. The best explanation of how close these women are comes from Kate’s reaction to witnessing a fight between the couple.

“Something within me felt like it was dying. I wanted to throw up. In all the years I had known them, I had never heard them argue. They loved each other in a way that was dizzying to watch. This made me sick.”

Although the adventure does not turn out to be a thinly veiled attempt to throw caution to the wind when it comes to sexual inhibitions, a strange phenomenon seems to be sweeping through the women. Several of them feel the need to account for a sudden amorousness from their partners which is totally unexpected. Kate, in particular, is completely thrown by Claudia’s new willingness to be sexually open around their friends. So used to their previous roles, Kate isn’t quite sure how to handle this new development, or where it stems from. She even thinks that Holly and Laura have possibly spiked their drinks with aphrodisiacs. Whether it is the house or being in the presence of Holly and Laura who are not afraid of any type of PDA, all of the women seem to be affected and the result is some private moments not so well hidden from the others. In short, lots of sex between these couples.

“The rip sound wasn’t from the fabric of reality. It was undies being torn from the shank. … We were a bunch of horn dogs … stuck up the center … and grateful for it … horn dogs at the state fair next to smelly stalls of undomesticated pigs. Dogs With Desires. Dykes Who Diddle.”

I cannot more highly recommend this story for readers who enjoy an adventure story with wonderfully detailed characters. As always, this story can be read and enjoyed on its own, but I encourage reading them in order. Scavengers, Ledge Walkers and Savages are the first three books in the series and are hilarious and exceptional reads. Spending time with these characters is engaging and once you start reading you won’t be able to stop. I only hope that Wraight has plans to continue this series that I have come to love so much!

Use the following link to download a PDF sample: Download



Lesbian Mystery Book Review

Kudos to the Lesbian Adventure Club’s own Detective Laura McCallister! Secrets and Sins got a 4-star review. Not quite the 5-stars we’ve been getting … ahem … but something to be proud of nonetheless.

I love that Rosalyn Wraight, the author of said mystery and our series, never gets credit for a damn thing. 🙂 They have a writer’s union. Why the hell not a characters’ union, to ensure that our rights are protected and that authors are obligated to keep writing books about us until we say enough is enough? Things to seriously think about!

Download a PDF sample here.



Review of Savages, Book 3

It seems Savages has followed Scavengers and Ledge Walkers in receiving a five-star rating over at Rainbow Reviews! 😀

Savages is yet another amazing selection in the Lesbian Adventure Club series. It is both insanely hilarious and wonderfully poignant, and an excellent example of the strength of friendships between women. Each time I start one of these stories I am thrilled to be spending more time with these characters that I have come to love. At the core, these stories are about “trust and love and camaraderie” and none more so than Savages.

There is a perfect line in this book spoken by the character of Janice who is new to the group, when asked why she is crazy enough to join the rest on their wild adventure. “Together, you all create something very special. How could I not want to be a part of that?” That sentiment so perfectly reflects my own feelings about the Lesbian Adventure Club and how much I enjoy these stories. They are truly special and deserve to be enjoyed by all. I can’t wait to spend more time with these characters and I hope we continue to be provided with wonderful stories from Wraight!

I, too, hope to continue to be provided with wonderful stories from Wraight. Frankly, my entire existence depends on it! Come on, Roz! Get a move on!

Download a PDF Sample here.



Review of Ledge Walkers, Book 2

Holy shit! Another five-star review at Rainbow Reviews! This time it’s for Ledge Walkers, Lesbian Adventure Club: Book 2.

Click that link, ladies, and go read it! Here’s a snippet:

Ledge Walkers is filled with humor and wild antics, but more notable is the serious treatment of the relationships between the women. Reading this story was like visiting with old friends, and I was immediately pulled into the story. Spending time with these characters is entertaining as well as touching as they all wear their emotions on their sleeves while in the presence of good friends.

I highly recommend this story for all readers who are looking for an enjoyable and touching story with wonderful characters.

What more could a girl want—stuck there in the pages of some author’s book—than to be called a “wonderful” character? 😀 

Download a PDF sample here.


Review of Scavengers, Book 1

Rainbow Reviews has a review up for Scavengers. It’s quite thorough, so please follow the link in the menu to your left and read it in its entirety. It made this little narrator smile quite broadly. 🙂

I can’t resist the urge to post part of it…

The story is filled with powerful emotions that are both captivating and moving. I can’t remember the last time a story had me both rolling on the floor laughing for minutes at a time and getting misty eyed. The story is overflowing with witty humor that keeps it moving quickly ~ until, of course, I reached passages that were so funny I had to read them over and over again. You know you are in for a treat when a story includes a Famous Mad Cow Burger, The Great Dildo War, and a Wrap Around Lover Doll. If that doesn’t entice you to buy this story, I don’t know what will! At the same time, the more serious moments are handled beautifully and the interactions between Kate and Claudia are heart-warming and tender.

I can’t possibly do this story justice in a single review, as there are so many wonderful moments that I could be quoting for pages on end. I cannot recommend this story more highly for all readers! Possibly the best news of all is that the second book, Ledge Walkers, has already been released and the third book, Savages, is in the works. I will definitely be keeping a close eye on this series and can’t wait to read the next story!

Download a PDF sample here.