About DWD

The ladies of this site exist within the pages of the Lesbian Adventure Club series, novels written by Rosalyn Wraight. If you know Roz, you know she has difficulty keeping unruly characters confined to the plotlines she concocts.

That being said, we welcome you to our site. We are the Dykes Who Dare. Fictional or not, we have the gift of gab, we have minds of our own, and we have a million things to say. We hope that you will join us in conversation. The stronger we are, the more likely it is that Roz will have little choice but to give us another book.

Cast of Characters, aka Your Hostesses

Kate Sutter
Newspaper Reporter
Narrator of the Lesbian Adventure Club series

Claudia Kitterman
Project Manager

Ginny Bleeker
English Professor

Kris Maltry
Psychology Professor

Maggie Novak
Manager of organic food store, Activist on Hiatus

Susan Garrity
Elementary Schoolteacher

Laura McCallister
Police Detective

Holly Crawford

😡 Lisa Perry
Data Entry

Alison Tenner
Yoga Instructor

Janice Thiel
Massage Therapist

Supporting cast…

(sometimes known as the beautiful Charlize)

chef and Charles’ main squeeze

owner of Molly’s Taphouse, home of the infamous Mad Cow Burger

Denny Novak
paintballer, prankster, and brother to Maggie

Noelle Crawford
prankster, sister to Holly

and Natalie, we don’t like to talk about Natalie

Our Books

Scavengers, Book 1
Ledge Walkers, Book 2
Savages, Book 3
Loose Sleuths, Book 4
Sisters, Book 5
Leakers Ignited, Book 6
Scraps, Book 7
L-Word C-Word, Book 8
The Queen of Terrified & the Newly Brave Landowner,  prequel
Spiders, Book 9
Likely Suspects, Book 10
Stalemates, Book 11
Laura’s League, Book 12
Sutures, Book 13
Ladies And…, Book 14
Most Unlikely and the Angry Arsonist, Book 14.5
Smooched, Book 15
Lore Mongers, Book 16
Subjects, Book 17
L’ Babes, Book 18
Sentinels, Book 19
Living Dead(heads), Book 20
Stringers, Book 21
Voices, Book 21.5
Like Hell, Book 22
The Aunts Go Marching, Book 22.5
Settlers, Book 23
Loco Motion, Book 24