Review of Ledge Walkers, Book 2

Holy shit! Another five-star review at Rainbow Reviews! This time it’s for Ledge Walkers, Lesbian Adventure Club: Book 2.

Click that link, ladies, and go read it! Here’s a snippet:

Ledge Walkers is filled with humor and wild antics, but more notable is the serious treatment of the relationships between the women. Reading this story was like visiting with old friends, and I was immediately pulled into the story. Spending time with these characters is entertaining as well as touching as they all wear their emotions on their sleeves while in the presence of good friends.

I highly recommend this story for all readers who are looking for an enjoyable and touching story with wonderful characters.

What more could a girl want—stuck there in the pages of some author’s book—than to be called a “wonderful” character? 😀 

Download a PDF sample here.