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So why is it…

Why is it that everyone gets a thrill out of 4 1/2 stars on a review of Corpse Call, Laura’s mystery, but Spiders, LAC 9, gets 4 1/2 stars and everyone wants to cry? Because the DWD got rather spoiled with eight 5-stars in a row, huh? Well, Spiders was different. It was supposed to be different. We’re different. We’ll roll with whatever punches we get, and we will try to do 1/2 star better on the next one.

Links to both the reviews are in the menu to your left. And please note that while there is no excuse for having errors as mentioned in the review of Spiders, we gave the author hell until she assured us they had been fixed. Damn fallible authors! Gotta love ’em, though, warts and all.



The Great Detective

Since Laura is a DWD, we’ll give her kudos for solving a rather nasty case in Corpse Call. Her 3rd mystery is out, and I must say, I learned a lot about her.

You’ll recognize me, Claudia’s beautiful face, and, of course, no McCallister moment would be complete without Holly. You’ll even get to find out what I was up to that caused a far too close visit from the abyss for Claudia and me.

If you’re a busybody like me or just happen to like lesbian mysteries, you’ll want to click that link in the left menu, *PDF Excerpts*, for a sample.



ISO: Rosalyn Wraight

Look at this crapola! Roz is supposed to be finishing book six for us, not getting caught up in what the hell the b-word Laura McCallister is working on at the moment. Un-frickin’-fair!

Why did we have to have a police detective in our adventure club? Why not a circus clown? A barista? A clerk at a thrift store? No, we just have to have a detective … and an author who fantasizes about being ambidextrous enough to gracefully hold a writer’s pen in each hand.

Argh! What’s a girl gotta do to get some sway around this joint?

(At least Frank and Roger of Corpse Call were kind enough to put our blog in their blogroll. Thanks, guys! Maybe we’ll return the favor. I said maybe.)



Lesbian Mystery Book Review

Kudos to the Lesbian Adventure Club’s own Detective Laura McCallister! Secrets and Sins got a 4-star review. Not quite the 5-stars we’ve been getting … ahem … but something to be proud of nonetheless.

I love that Rosalyn Wraight, the author of said mystery and our series, never gets credit for a damn thing. 🙂 They have a writer’s union. Why the hell not a characters’ union, to ensure that our rights are protected and that authors are obligated to keep writing books about us until we say enough is enough? Things to seriously think about!

Download a PDF sample here.



Hey, Riders of the Short Bus!

While you’re all busy with the Lesbian Adventure Club, I go out and earn a living! As your local homicide detective, I solve crimes, and then Roz gets ahold of my prowess and puts that in a book, too. Perhaps I should arrest her; she’s thieving from the lot of us.

Anyway, Secrets and Sins will be available this fall. If any of you haven’t read Woman Justice yet, do it now so that you are up-to-speed when the new one comes out!

Secrets and Sin Lesbian Mystery book cover
Coming Fall 08

You can read the first two chapters here.