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So why is it…

Why is it that everyone gets a thrill out of 4 1/2 stars on a review of Corpse Call, Laura’s mystery, but Spiders, LAC 9, gets 4 1/2 stars and everyone wants to cry? Because the DWD got rather spoiled with eight 5-stars in a row, huh? Well, Spiders was different. It was supposed to be different. We’re different. We’ll roll with whatever punches we get, and we will try to do 1/2 star better on the next one.

Links to both the reviews are in the menu to your left. And please note that while there is no excuse for having errors as mentioned in the review of Spiders, we gave the author hell until she assured us they had been fixed. Damn fallible authors! Gotta love ’em, though, warts and all.



Spiders on the Loose

Spiders, Lesbian Adventure Club: Book 9 will be released on Saturday, July 11. The almighty publisher will have it in PDF, Mobipocket, and Microsoft Reader. Click here for the purchase page. DWD blog readers can use coupon code “08d24096a3” for a 20% discount, good through July 21.

If you’re interested in a sample, use the link up top or to your left. You can also nab a PDF excerpt from the following link. PDF Download