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Spiders on the Loose

Spiders, Lesbian Adventure Club: Book 9 will be released on Saturday, July 11. The almighty publisher will have it in PDF, Mobipocket, and Microsoft Reader. Click here for the purchase page. DWD blog readers can use coupon code “08d24096a3” for a 20% discount, good through July 21.

If you’re interested in a sample, use the link up top or to your left. You can also nab a PDF excerpt from the following link. PDF Download



Scavengers Chapter 2 Added

I added Chapter 2 to the Scavengers excerpt. I think it’ll give a better indication of what the hunt was actually like … and maybe increase your incentive to buy the book when it comes out. Not that I would stoop so low as to twist your arm or anything. 🙂

Give it a read! There’s a link to it on your left and on the top of the page.