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So why is it…

Why is it that everyone gets a thrill out of 4 1/2 stars on a review of Corpse Call, Laura’s mystery, but Spiders, LAC 9, gets 4 1/2 stars and everyone wants to cry? Because the DWD got rather spoiled with eight 5-stars in a row, huh? Well, Spiders was different. It was supposed to be different. We’re different. We’ll roll with whatever punches we get, and we will try to do 1/2 star better on the next one.

Links to both the reviews are in the menu to your left. And please note that while there is no excuse for having errors as mentioned in the review of Spiders, we gave the author hell until she assured us they had been fixed. Damn fallible authors! Gotta love ’em, though, warts and all.



5-Star Review of Leakers Ignited

There’s a review up on Rainbow Reviews for Leakers Ignited, Lesbian Adventure Club: Book 6. Before I share the review, though, let’s do a little review of our own, shall we?

Leakers Ignited involved a Ginny and Kris event. They decided to mess with us and make everything backwards. Then Roz decides that since Ginny and Kris did the adventure backwards: Why the hell not write the whole frickin’ book backwards? Then along comes the book reviewer. What the hell does the reviewer do? You guessed it. She writes the frickin’ review backwards! Holy shit! Holy frickin’ shit! When the powers-that-be start acting like this, we are back to talking about rips in the fabric of reality!

I know. I know. If we could bring the reviewer into our DWD world, we’d probably high-five the crap out of her … not only for the nonexistent balls to take a dare, but for those twinkling five stars she tacked on as well. And… Pay special attention to her admission of having “a special place in [her] heart” for Claudia and me. Pitter patter. Pitter patter. But what the hell have I ever done that would make her think I have quirks? My handy dandy dictionary says a quirk is a “peculiar behavioral habit.” Me? I’m seriously thinking maybe she got me confused with that b-word of a Laura.

Anyway… Here’s the review…

The author notes from the beginning that she is making this book an adventure for the reader as well as the member of the Dykes Who Dare. You may mimic Kate with her patented “What the hell?” when you learn that the book is written backwards. Seriously. It starts with Chapter 10 and ends with Chapter 1. It is written in the same vein as the rest of the series, just is presented a tad bit differently. If you aren’t up for the challenge, and are in fact a “leaker”, the Forward Version is included as well. My friends ~ take the dare. Embrace the nature of the Lesbian Adventure Club: “to mess with and to be messed with.” Enjoy the story as intended: backwards. And to celebrate this cunning storytelling technique, I am jumping off the pier too. My review is written backwards. Starts with the end and ends with the start. Enjoy it. I “D Double D dare you” to!

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