Hey, Riders of the Short Bus!

While you’re all busy with the Lesbian Adventure Club, I go out and earn a living! As your local homicide detective, I solve crimes, and then Roz gets ahold of my prowess and puts that in a book, too. Perhaps I should arrest her; she’s thieving from the lot of us.

Anyway, Secrets and Sins will be available this fall. If any of you haven’t read Woman Justice yet, do it now so that you are up-to-speed when the new one comes out!

Secrets and Sin Lesbian Mystery book cover
Coming Fall 08

You can read the first two chapters here.



1 thought on “Hey, Riders of the Short Bus!

  1. You’re a b-word, Laura!

    I work for a living, too. Reporter, remember? And I’m also in that precious little book of yours, hanging around waiting for frickin’ crumbs from the illustrious detective. And having my cigarettes swiped … and my coffee … and …

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