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Review of L-Word C-Word

There’s a review of L-Word C-Word, Lesbian Adventure Club: Book 8 over at Rainbow Reviews. Again, we got 5 stars! We are amazing, huh? There’s a link to it in the menu to your left, but check this out:

These characters are ones that I enjoy spending time with over and over again, and each new book is just as good as the ones that came before. In a series, after seven books, is it still possible to be inspired, awed, captivated, thrilled, gut-wrenchingly sad and heart-warmingly happy along with the characters? The answer is a resounding yes and the proof is this book.

Go, DWD! Okay, a little credit to the author, too, if we must. There’s an interview with her posted over there as well. You’ll find the link in the “Links” menu.



L-Word C-Word Out

Cool! The ebook version of Lesbian Adventure Club: Book 8 has been released. You can find it here in PDF, Microsoft Reader, and a DRM-free Mobipocket.

And as a perk to DWD blog readers… Use coupon code b12ae090c0 during checkout, and they’ll hack 20% off the price. Not a bad deal at all. That’s enough to buy a cheap bad cup of coffee to keep your brain alert whilst you read the bugger.

Merry c-word to you all!



Update on Book 8

L-Word C-Word will be heading into the real world on April 7th. Yep, that is also a big day for the DWD. A whole year has passed since our author was smart enough to anoint me narrator.

So, mark your calendars. Get that DWD cap ready. Set a big kettle to boil for hot chocolate. This one is a long one. Adventure, romance, horror, suspense, humor, Ooga Booga … yep, the Lesbian Adventure Club modus operandi.

Oh, and yeah, there’s a two-chapter PDF excerpt now available. Click that link: PDF.

In the meantime, I’ll start whisper-screaming in our author’s head about when the hell Book 9 will be ready. (She hates that.) Holy shit, anybody who has lived with us in her head for a whole year deserves … um … um … psychotropic drugs?



Lesbian Adventure Club Book 8

Book 8 of our madcap adventures is in the pipe. Smoke it. Flush it. Play it. Or wait for its release sometime in April.

It is entitled, L-Word C-Word, and it is a Maggie and Susan weekend. If you’ve read Savages, book 3, you know what they are capable of doing to us, and trust me, they did not disappoint. I will get sample chapters up as soon as I get the blessed go-ahead.

Blurb: Christmas comes to the Lesbian Adventure Club. But don’t expect ladies dancing or maids a-milking. No, try hookers, cookers, bridge trolls, and keepers of the place to pee. After all, it is July.

Book 8 Cover
Click pic for full image!