Update on Book 8

L-Word C-Word will be heading into the real world on April 7th. Yep, that is also a big day for the DWD. A whole year has passed since our author was smart enough to anoint me narrator.

So, mark your calendars. Get that DWD cap ready. Set a big kettle to boil for hot chocolate. This one is a long one. Adventure, romance, horror, suspense, humor, Ooga Booga … yep, the Lesbian Adventure Club modus operandi.

Oh, and yeah, there’s a two-chapter PDF excerpt now available. Click that link: PDF.

In the meantime, I’ll start whisper-screaming in our author’s head about when the hell Book 9 will be ready. (She hates that.) Holy shit, anybody who has lived with us in her head for a whole year deserves … um … um … psychotropic drugs?