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stuff related to book 8, L-Word C-Word, of the Lesbian Adventure Club fiction series

DWD Update

Greetings, all you denizens of 2011!

We sure have been quiet, huh? The author has been hushing us, keeping us in kind of a surreal suspension in Stalemate’s final scene. Not a bad deal, but from what I’ve managed to ascertain in my sleepy, attached-to-Claudia state…

The author is in the midst of Laura’s fourth mystery, plugging away like a real trooper and pulling out her hair like a true author.

We gave her about a third of LAC 12, Laura’s League, and we gave her the first chapter of LAC 13. Some of you (those tricky enough to do a head count) have complained about the LAC 12 cover in the calendar. That’s usually my cue to steal a chapter or two from the author’s desk and post it here, but I seriously think she’d have my head if I did that this time. I guess we will have to trust her on the wisdom of that and hope that perhaps she changes her mind. You never know.

In the meantime, enjoy your time in the year in which we have yet to arrive. Here’s hoping it’s a blessed one.



Who Dares to Dare the DWD?

One of you out there frickin’ dared to use the “dare” word on us! I am shocked, just shocked! I am also quite relieved that the dare issued was not of the Laura McCallister caliber. Holy shit, we’d all be naked and jumping into (onto?) an icy lake—or worse. It’s still February in our world.

This person—who shall remain nameless but who should also remember that the cop knows—claims that the title L-Word C-Word would not be as simple as Lesbian Christmas. She claims, in fact, that the actual meaning is hidden in the text. She claims there are dozens of l-word c-words in there and wants to know which one is the actual title. We have been dared to find and name them. Like we have nothing better to do! Jesus!

But far be it from us—okay, me—to resist a dare.

Well, there are four on the last page itself.

Linguistically challenged
Lessons completed
Learners convinced
Love confirmed

Calling all readers! Help us, you guys! Name them! Add a comment and name one!



Review of L-Word C-Word

There’s a review of L-Word C-Word, Lesbian Adventure Club: Book 8 over at Rainbow Reviews. Again, we got 5 stars! We are amazing, huh? There’s a link to it in the menu to your left, but check this out:

These characters are ones that I enjoy spending time with over and over again, and each new book is just as good as the ones that came before. In a series, after seven books, is it still possible to be inspired, awed, captivated, thrilled, gut-wrenchingly sad and heart-warmingly happy along with the characters? The answer is a resounding yes and the proof is this book.

Go, DWD! Okay, a little credit to the author, too, if we must. There’s an interview with her posted over there as well. You’ll find the link in the “Links” menu.



L-Word C-Word Out

Cool! The ebook version of Lesbian Adventure Club: Book 8 has been released. You can find it here in PDF, Microsoft Reader, and a DRM-free Mobipocket.

And as a perk to DWD blog readers… Use coupon code b12ae090c0 during checkout, and they’ll hack 20% off the price. Not a bad deal at all. That’s enough to buy a cheap bad cup of coffee to keep your brain alert whilst you read the bugger.

Merry c-word to you all!



Update on Book 8

L-Word C-Word will be heading into the real world on April 7th. Yep, that is also a big day for the DWD. A whole year has passed since our author was smart enough to anoint me narrator.

So, mark your calendars. Get that DWD cap ready. Set a big kettle to boil for hot chocolate. This one is a long one. Adventure, romance, horror, suspense, humor, Ooga Booga … yep, the Lesbian Adventure Club modus operandi.

Oh, and yeah, there’s a two-chapter PDF excerpt now available. Click that link: PDF.

In the meantime, I’ll start whisper-screaming in our author’s head about when the hell Book 9 will be ready. (She hates that.) Holy shit, anybody who has lived with us in her head for a whole year deserves … um … um … psychotropic drugs?



Lesbian Adventure Club Book 8

Book 8 of our madcap adventures is in the pipe. Smoke it. Flush it. Play it. Or wait for its release sometime in April.

It is entitled, L-Word C-Word, and it is a Maggie and Susan weekend. If you’ve read Savages, book 3, you know what they are capable of doing to us, and trust me, they did not disappoint. I will get sample chapters up as soon as I get the blessed go-ahead.

Blurb: Christmas comes to the Lesbian Adventure Club. But don’t expect ladies dancing or maids a-milking. No, try hookers, cookers, bridge trolls, and keepers of the place to pee. After all, it is July.

Book 8 Cover
Click pic for full image!