Who Dares to Dare the DWD?

One of you out there frickin’ dared to use the “dare” word on us! I am shocked, just shocked! I am also quite relieved that the dare issued was not of the Laura McCallister caliber. Holy shit, we’d all be naked and jumping into (onto?) an icy lake—or worse. It’s still February in our world.

This person—who shall remain nameless but who should also remember that the cop knows—claims that the title L-Word C-Word would not be as simple as Lesbian Christmas. She claims, in fact, that the actual meaning is hidden in the text. She claims there are dozens of l-word c-words in there and wants to know which one is the actual title. We have been dared to find and name them. Like we have nothing better to do! Jesus!

But far be it from us—okay, me—to resist a dare.

Well, there are four on the last page itself.

Linguistically challenged
Lessons completed
Learners convinced
Love confirmed

Calling all readers! Help us, you guys! Name them! Add a comment and name one!



18 thoughts on “Who Dares to Dare the DWD?

  1. Good one, Ellen!

    If Loopy Crawford were the title of the book, it could be a series all by itself, and I bet it would be goofier than LAC.

    I found an l-word c-word … perhaps the best one in the book…

    love Claudia


  2. Thanks, Jamie and Aj!

    This is all subliminal, I think.

    Love Claudia with Luscious Cookies on a Lounge Chair.

    I could probably do that.

    Meanwhile, Loopy Crawford can have Laura’s Cheeks. No one else wants them.

  3. Holy shit, you guys are good!

    No offense taken, Joe. Like Crazy is in there, too.

    Like Chicken must mean the gators, huh? Not sure where Last Card comes from. I will have to look.

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