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Lesbian Adventure Club Book 8

Book 8 of our madcap adventures is in the pipe. Smoke it. Flush it. Play it. Or wait for its release sometime in April.

It is entitled, L-Word C-Word, and it is a Maggie and Susan weekend. If you’ve read Savages, book 3, you know what they are capable of doing to us, and trust me, they did not disappoint. I will get sample chapters up as soon as I get the blessed go-ahead.

Blurb: Christmas comes to the Lesbian Adventure Club. But don’t expect ladies dancing or maids a-milking. No, try hookers, cookers, bridge trolls, and keepers of the place to pee. After all, it is July.

Book 8 Cover
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DWD News for the Nosey

Scraps, Lesbian Adventure Club: Book 7 will be released on February 2. That would be Groundhog Day, and with its release from the manuscript black hole, it portends a mere two more weeks of winter. It could happen. We could do it! There are many perks to living in a fictional world.

February 2… That’s two weeks, people, so quit your bitching about not knowing what happened to Claudia and me! Going through it seemed like an eternity to me, so buck up! Or we’ll have Laura arrest you.

And… You can now get autographed copies of the LAC paperbacks over on Roz’ site. Why the hell they’re signed by her and not by me… That is a damn good question!

And… We’ve added Leakers Ignited and Scraps to the poll down in the menu to your left. I know. I know. To pick Scraps as your favorite before its release would be like … um … a foretelling groundhog. So wait two weeks! In the meantime, there’s another poll there about whether you leaked out with Leakers Ignited or not.


Review of Loose Sleuths, Book 4

Rainbow Reviews posted a book review of Loose Sleuths, Lesbian Adventure Club: Book 4. Again, it garnered 5-stars.

Loose Sleuths is once again a fabulous addition to the Lesbian Adventure Club series. It includes playful humor as well as touching moments between the women. I love spending time with these characters, and eagerly anticipate each adventure. I always know that there will be a fun and tricky adventure but there will also be moving displays of the love and closeness of all these women. They are a family, in the strongest sense of the word. Each couple is so realistic, they have issues to deal with and are never perfect, but at the core is intense love and respect that is apparent throughout every story and most especially this one.

The adventure is filled with humor, as is always the case with these stories. I was left with images of the bobbling bimbo prize doing her little dance after Laura gave her “a mighty flick so she did her sluttish jiggle” for the group. Foxhole maneuvers to escape bedrooms and bathrooms, panty swapping, a blue bra blindfold with the straps flapping around, littermates, and mismatched color-coordinated clothing are just a few examples of the hilarity that ensues when these women set off on their adventure.

I love so many of these characters, but this story especially provided more depth to Laura. She is a complex woman, and although she is often scheming and desperate to arise victorious at the end of any adventure at all cost, she truly cares for her friends and will be the first in line if ever one needs help or protection. Kate explains, “As brassy as Evil Dick could be, her heart glinted gold if you looked from the right perspective.” Laura’s relationship with Holly is so strong and there is no question that they are soul mates. Their easy affection with one another is heartwarming and joyful to experience. The best explanation of how close these women are comes from Kate’s reaction to witnessing a fight between the couple.

“Something within me felt like it was dying. I wanted to throw up. In all the years I had known them, I had never heard them argue. They loved each other in a way that was dizzying to watch. This made me sick.”

Although the adventure does not turn out to be a thinly veiled attempt to throw caution to the wind when it comes to sexual inhibitions, a strange phenomenon seems to be sweeping through the women. Several of them feel the need to account for a sudden amorousness from their partners which is totally unexpected. Kate, in particular, is completely thrown by Claudia’s new willingness to be sexually open around their friends. So used to their previous roles, Kate isn’t quite sure how to handle this new development, or where it stems from. She even thinks that Holly and Laura have possibly spiked their drinks with aphrodisiacs. Whether it is the house or being in the presence of Holly and Laura who are not afraid of any type of PDA, all of the women seem to be affected and the result is some private moments not so well hidden from the others. In short, lots of sex between these couples.

“The rip sound wasn’t from the fabric of reality. It was undies being torn from the shank. … We were a bunch of horn dogs … stuck up the center … and grateful for it … horn dogs at the state fair next to smelly stalls of undomesticated pigs. Dogs With Desires. Dykes Who Diddle.”

I cannot more highly recommend this story for readers who enjoy an adventure story with wonderfully detailed characters. As always, this story can be read and enjoyed on its own, but I encourage reading them in order. Scavengers, Ledge Walkers and Savages are the first three books in the series and are hilarious and exceptional reads. Spending time with these characters is engaging and once you start reading you won’t be able to stop. I only hope that Wraight has plans to continue this series that I have come to love so much!

Use the following link to download a PDF sample: Download



Loose Sleuths, Book 4

Loose Sleuths, Lesbian Adventure Club: Book 4 is in final form and set for release in early September.

Blurb: With Holly and Laura as hostesses, absolutely anything could happen, and the crew is preparing for the worst—or the best, depending upon perspective. A weekend of mystery awaits them, but it’s the behind-the-scenes ones that prove hardest to solve. Do our amateur sleuths have it in them? Even against the formidable Detective Laura McCallister?

Lesbian Adventure Club Book 4: book cover

There is a link (at the page-top and in the Pages menu) to two sample chapters.

Can you say the title five times fast? I have problems with one time slow.

Download a PDF sample here.



The Dykes Have Landed

Wow, things have been such a whirlwind of late. We had our monthly meeting of the Lesbian Adventure Club. This time was had a scavenger hunt put on by Ginny and Kris. They were nasty, and as I vowed then, they will pay! Laura and Holly are begging for their comeuppance, as well.

Probably against my better judgment, I decided to write the tale of that day. The ink has barely dried on the novel Scavengers’ final draft and here we getting ready for its publication with a brand spanky new blog. I hope everybody will participate and not leave me alone to talk only with myself—not that that is an alien thing, mind you.

Claudia and I are responsible for the next get-together. We are entertaining ideas, and we have some pretty good ones, I think. I’ve got to say that it’s difficult to think of something to top what Kris and Ginny did. We are, nonetheless, going to try.

So… Welcome to our blog. Please excuse the mess while we get things set up and going, and please, share your thoughts and laughter.