The Dykes Have Landed

Wow, things have been such a whirlwind of late. We had our monthly meeting of the Lesbian Adventure Club. This time was had a scavenger hunt put on by Ginny and Kris. They were nasty, and as I vowed then, they will pay! Laura and Holly are begging for their comeuppance, as well.

Probably against my better judgment, I decided to write the tale of that day. The ink has barely dried on the novel Scavengers’ final draft and here we getting ready for its publication with a brand spanky new blog. I hope everybody will participate and not leave me alone to talk only with myself—not that that is an alien thing, mind you.

Claudia and I are responsible for the next get-together. We are entertaining ideas, and we have some pretty good ones, I think. I’ve got to say that it’s difficult to think of something to top what Kris and Ginny did. We are, nonetheless, going to try.

So… Welcome to our blog. Please excuse the mess while we get things set up and going, and please, share your thoughts and laughter.


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