DWD News for the Nosey

Scraps, Lesbian Adventure Club: Book 7 will be released on February 2. That would be Groundhog Day, and with its release from the manuscript black hole, it portends a mere two more weeks of winter. It could happen. We could do it! There are many perks to living in a fictional world.

February 2… That’s two weeks, people, so quit your bitching about not knowing what happened to Claudia and me! Going through it seemed like an eternity to me, so buck up! Or we’ll have Laura arrest you.

And… You can now get autographed copies of the LAC paperbacks over on Roz’ site. Why the hell they’re signed by her and not by me… That is a damn good question!

And… We’ve added Leakers Ignited and Scraps to the poll down in the menu to your left. I know. I know. To pick Scraps as your favorite before its release would be like … um … a foretelling groundhog. So wait two weeks! In the meantime, there’s another poll there about whether you leaked out with Leakers Ignited or not.


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