Lesbian Adventure Club Book 7

Way cool, the next book, Scraps, Lesbian Adventure Club: Book 7, is written and will probably be released in February. Follow the link by those hot women up top the page for two sample chapters. You can also download a two-chapter PDF sample by clicking the following link: PDF.

Blurb: It’s happened before: things not going quite as planned. But what would happen if there weren’t a plan at all? Thanks to hostesses Kate and Claudia, the crew is about to find out.

I’m not too sure “Thanks to hostesses Kate and Claudia” is what I would have put. Claudia and I will go down in DWD history as the worst hostesses ever. Argh! Then again, it’s probably no worse than what some others have to live down. Still…

Lesbian Adventure Club Book 7 Cover
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3 thoughts on “Lesbian Adventure Club Book 7

  1. Sample chapters?!!? A nasty teaser sounds more like it. You are in the middle of a fight and we have to wait until February. I can guess it turns out okay but it’s still nasty.

    When in February? 12:01 on the 1st?

  2. Sorry. 🙁 It wasn’t meant to be nasty. They all have two-chapters samples, except for Ledge Walkers. That has only part of Chapter 2 because Laura was … well … Laura.

    I’d be happy to tell you how Scraps turns out, but my existence is tied to keeping my mouth shut about some things. My dear author will send my car over a cliff and call it a mystery. I do hope that seems the least desirable choice to you.

  3. Sorry, if I sounded bitchy. Did not mean to. Just impatient.

    Yes, keep your mouth shut. We don’t want you in a mystery, except as detective Laura’s coffee supplier. Keep being a DWD.

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