Was it sink or swim?

The first week of NaNoWriMo, our author did just fine.

In the second week, though, she must’ve put on lead boots or some damn thing. It was a plummet from there—and nowhere near a win. I think she deleted far more words than she kept.

Most definitely a sink, and, yes, Laura is dragging the lake—which just happens to be where we are stuck because she is stuck. We are by the fire pit on the shore of Crappie Lake. There’s food and coffee, though. It could be a way lot worse.

While she should be holding her breath way down there in the depths of despair, don’t hold yours if you’re looking for LAC 25 anytime soon. Ain’t gonna happen.

Instead, grab some of the good that’s hiding in all the crap out there. Be well. Be safe.