Review of L-Word C-Word

There’s a review of L-Word C-Word, Lesbian Adventure Club: Book 8 over at Rainbow Reviews. Again, we got 5 stars! We are amazing, huh? There’s a link to it in the menu to your left, but check this out:

These characters are ones that I enjoy spending time with over and over again, and each new book is just as good as the ones that came before. In a series, after seven books, is it still possible to be inspired, awed, captivated, thrilled, gut-wrenchingly sad and heart-warmingly happy along with the characters? The answer is a resounding yes and the proof is this book.

Go, DWD! Okay, a little credit to the author, too, if we must. There’s an interview with her posted over there as well. You’ll find the link in the “Links” menu.