Review of Savages, Book 3

It seems Savages has followed Scavengers and Ledge Walkers in receiving a five-star rating over at Rainbow Reviews! 😀

Savages is yet another amazing selection in the Lesbian Adventure Club series. It is both insanely hilarious and wonderfully poignant, and an excellent example of the strength of friendships between women. Each time I start one of these stories I am thrilled to be spending more time with these characters that I have come to love. At the core, these stories are about “trust and love and camaraderie” and none more so than Savages.

There is a perfect line in this book spoken by the character of Janice who is new to the group, when asked why she is crazy enough to join the rest on their wild adventure. “Together, you all create something very special. How could I not want to be a part of that?” That sentiment so perfectly reflects my own feelings about the Lesbian Adventure Club and how much I enjoy these stories. They are truly special and deserve to be enjoyed by all. I can’t wait to spend more time with these characters and I hope we continue to be provided with wonderful stories from Wraight!

I, too, hope to continue to be provided with wonderful stories from Wraight. Frankly, my entire existence depends on it! Come on, Roz! Get a move on!

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