Dykes on Sale

Yep, you read it correctly! Roz’ publisher is having a September Storewide Sale, and what woman doesn’t love a sale! The littermates would be there in a heartbeat! Don’t know what a littermate is? Get to Book 3, Savages, and you will know the horror some of us endure.

But I digress…

The Lesbian Adventure Club series is available in ebook at a 15% discount till the end of the month. Yes, those pesky Detective Laura McCallister mysteries are, too, as well as every other title in the store. But think “Dykes Who Dare, Dykes Who Dare,” when you click here to head on over to the sale.

I should be in advertising and not newspaper reporting, huh? 😉

Oh… Our ebooks are in Adobe Reader, Mobipocket Reader, and Microsoft Reader.