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The Subject is Subjects

Subjects, Lesbian Adventure Club: Book 17 will be officially released in the morning. However… I happen to know that it’s already in the LAC bookstore. It says on the site that it is expected to be in stock tomorrow. Despite that, you can purchase and download it now. Just don’t tell anyone I told you that, but feel free to brag that you read it before it was released. 🙂

It should be available for Kindle by week’s end and in paperback sometime next week. It takes longer for it to become available at the other outlets. You’ll have to hold your horses or get it while it’s hot in our bookstore.



LAC 17 Update

She finally finished LAC 17, and now it’ll move on to editing. It has a title, a cover, and a blurb. We are getting there! It should be ready by month’s end, but keep in mind she still has a couple of those major life events on the horizon. With those things, you never frickin’ know.

LAC 17 cover

Blurb: Kate and Claudia are sick and tired of LAC weekends sending them through an emotional wringer. As this month’s hostesses, they have vowed to avoid their typical wussy ways and do nothing less than mess with the crew. Can they pull it off, or is the deck stacked against them?



LAC Book 16 Release Date

Lore Mongers survived editing, and as long as life cooperates, it should be released as an ebook in the LAC bookstore next Tuesday, January 22. The paperback should be ready by the end of the month or perhaps around the time when the lazy-ass groundhogs try to predict the future.

This one is the longest of the series, coming in with 9,000 more words than the longest reigning champ, L-Word C-Word. As a huge fan of you LAC fans, I advocate taking the day off of work, putting up your feet, and reading the book in one sitting. 🙂



LAC 14.5 Released

Grab the tequila and make a margarita! Most Unlikely and the Angry Arsonist has been released today in our ebookstore! Half a book, half the price! It should be available as a really skinny paperback sometime this month.

She has started LAC 15, but she has some author business to see to before she gives it her all. As always, we will keep an eye on her and insert firecrackers as needed. You are in good hands!



LAC 14.5

She finished the first draft! Appropriately for a .5, it’s about half the length of an LAC book. Requiring neither an S-word or an L-word+one, it’s earned the title, Most Unlikely and the Angry Arsonist. She’ll trade her author cap for her editor visor, and it should be ready for the light of day in early May.

And… Her Mil-O-Meter over yonder has been going up steadily. She’s got 46,110 words remaining. Her plan is to flesh out an idea for another Laura book and get moving on LAC 15. All work and no play for an author makes her characters rather happy. Well, at least it does until she gets cranky.



Stalemates, LAC 11 Release Date

The eleventh book in the series about our crew, narrated by yours truly, will be released in ebook form on Monday the 25th. As with the majority, the ebook will be available exclusively from our bookstore. It’ll be $7.99, and the paperback should be out in early November.

The author says she’ll be taking some time for herself before delving back into the rigors of book-writing. We have agreed to hush for a bit; the author is learning that if she leaves us in a pleasurable place, we’re more apt to stay put. Where Stalemates ends, I could stay indefinitely.

However, I suspect that the author may have a big-talker streak like someone else we know and love (ahem). If I were a gambling sort of girl, I’d wager that she will be dressing up as a writer even before Halloween.

OFF THE RECORD: She has a nice chunk of LAC 12 already completed; although, I think she’ll be writing it in tandem with another Laura mystery. Stay tuned!