LAC Book 16 Release Date

Lore Mongers survived editing, and as long as life cooperates, it should be released as an ebook in the LAC bookstore next Tuesday, January 22. The paperback should be ready by the end of the month or perhaps around the time when the lazy-ass groundhogs try to predict the future.

This one is the longest of the series, coming in with 9,000 more words than the longest reigning champ, L-Word C-Word. As a huge fan of you LAC fans, I advocate taking the day off of work, putting up your feet, and reading the book in one sitting. đŸ™‚



4 thoughts on “LAC Book 16 Release Date

  1. Woo! Excellent can’t wait till I can read it since I haven’t got a Kindle or anything to read it on ebook I’ll have to wait for paperback. But thanks for the update, I’ve been wondering when I can start pre-ordering this book on Amazon.

  2. Hey!! Chapter 5! Scooter did get that cameo! That is so cool. He is a Romeo, boy did she get that right. I read it to him but he didn’t get, didn’t expect him too, I was just way excited.

    Thanks Kate.
    Thank you Roz..

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