LAC 14.5 Released

Grab the tequila and make a margarita! Most Unlikely and the Angry Arsonist has been released today in our ebookstore! Half a book, half the price! It should be available as a really skinny paperback sometime this month.

She has started LAC 15, but she has some author business to see to before she gives it her all. As always, we will keep an eye on her and insert firecrackers as needed. You are in good hands!



3 thoughts on “LAC 14.5 Released

  1. I did have a margarita for you it’s just, well I had too many and forgot to post it. Sorry!! It’s a big thing to finish a book! Which was by the way fantastic. Kate you handled that perfect, but one question what was with the pickle thing? What were you thinking?

    1. The pickle thing was Laura’s idea, not mine. Unless, of course, you mean bringing it to begin with. Walk through a convenience store once and randomly grab things. It’s amazing, and kind of scary, what you can end up with.

  2. I would end up with Slim Jims and Fat Freddies! Oh, and Mountain Dew. Jesus eating out of a convenience store could possibly kill if you did so every day! Or would it just like embalm you while your alive?

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