The Mil-O-Meter over there gets a bump to 955,596. She’s finally moved to 96%. That leaves her 44,404 to go.

Some of you left predictions in another thread about when she’ll hit that million. If others have cats and/or crystal balls and want to add to the list, please do so on this comment thread. You don’t have to use a real name or even a real email address. Just pretend you’re an author and make up some shit, and predict away. Or… Simply cross your fingers that Scooter gets a cameo for his birthday.



7 thoughts on “Mil-O-Meter

  1. Yeah, so everyone can see mine is 13 August. Come on writer pace it perfect to hit it on Scooter BD!

  2. Mine is 17 July. I still would like to see that cameo of Scooter that Kate suggested. That would be cool.

  3. Hey Kate fix my boo boo. I like the first one it has an “I would be” should be “It would be. Just choose one that is okay. I didn’t mean to flub up like that! The first one goes along with

  4. I had to double check my post it is 17 July. It would be cool if more would post.

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