Back in the Literary Saddle

Okay, the latest book has been released, and the author is trying to get back into the rhythm of writing and not editing. I must say we’ve had a decent amount of time off lately, too, and it has been kind of nice. She’s a frickin’ whip-cracker most of the time. But, the LAC show must go on. She’s focusing on 14.5, and she has some ideas for another Laura book.

(Was just thinking about how the hell she’s going to title 14.5. It wouldn’t be an S-word. It wouldn’t be an L-word+1. Hmm… S-word + L-word+1? S-word L-word? Whatever the hell she wants it to be?)


Since she’s so word-count obsessed, I was thinking maybe another public display of her progress (or lack thereof) may help her move at a steady pace, allowing that taskmaster whip to be idle. Her next major goal is to reach 1,000,000 words between the two series, LAC and Laura’s. So, I put up one of those counters in the menu over yonder. For those of you without mental calculators… At this very moment, she’s got 61,235 words to go. That’s certainly a ways off, and she will not be moving at a NaNoWriMo pace, but it is damn close. Two LACs or a Laura book or… We shall see.

Maybe we should start a pool. Whoever guesses the date she hits a million wins … um… No, Jesus, not Bimbo Babe!



18 thoughts on “Back in the Literary Saddle

  1. 61,235 words is a drop in the bucket! Trick would be predicting anything that near or close by!

    Where would the ticker tape parade be held? Think about it what a huge success to have written and published all those words!!

    Kate this can’t just slide by! Maybe Roz likes other creature, monster or human type symbols? A new statue for the writer!

  2. Okay I have pondered this for a whole…well best not say!

    I think and feel she will accomplish this goal by:
    17 July 2012

  3. I have read all of the LAC series. I really enjoyed them. 1 million words is awesome.

    13 August thats the date I predict. My cats birthday.

  4. Cool, you guys! Thanks for posting!


    Ticker tape parades, statues, and fireworks could turn her into an arrogant b-word or something. Sharing the day with a cat somehow seems poetic, doesn’t it?

    Sarah, what’s your cat’s name?

    1. A prize? There should be one, huh? At the very least, Scooter should get a cameo in an LAC book. How about a cat fight that doesn’t involve the DWD? Scooter versus Muse.

  5. Man, I should of used my dogs birthday. 15 Dec, but then I would have shown little faith in the writer. I like the cameo idea!

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