LAC 14 Release Date

Okay, you pencil drummers and foot tappers, LAC 14 will be released as an ebook on Tuesday, March 27. It will be here in the LAC bookstore, and the paperback will be available in early April.

There’s a link in the menu to sample chapters if you want to whet your appetite.

Book Cover Lesbian Adventure Club Book 14



3 thoughts on “LAC 14 Release Date

  1. I really enjoyed this book. There were somethings that made me close my eyes. No offense, to Ginny or Kris, but, wow. I can see them all now, in my mind, watching the stripe tease belly dancing! Then holy cow! You got Janice and Alison’s act. My mind really took off with that ‘act’!

    Loved the book! When is 14.5 coming!! After typing that, I’m thinking, however avid of a reader that I am, I honestly hope the writer gets some down time!

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