Drum roll, please!

This author has completed LAC 14 and will now move on to its edit. That’s a pretty cool thing about the fictional world: You can go back and edit the days that didn’t come off just right. But even then, the most you get is a better verb or an extra comma. Okay, maybe it’s not as cool a thing as I thought. The things that suck here still suck here. Damn authors! Okay, and damn readers who don’t want to read happy crap all the time.

Anyway, the book will hopefully be ready to go by month’s end or early April.

Oh, and did I tell you that one of us—can’t remember who exactly—got another story going in her head? Yep, for some strange reason there will be LAC 14.5 … not a regular weekend but an important part of it all nonetheless. She’s not sure if it will amount to a full book or not, and we are under direct orders to stop feeding it to her until this one is done. She’s almost as bossy as a project manager.



5 thoughts on “Update

  1. Awesome! I really am interested in finding out what happens to those plaid pants! Oh my!

    So when is it gonna be ready?

  2. She’s been plugging away and still hopes for the end of the month. She should have a better idea next week. We will keep cracking the whip, and I will post when I get something definitive.

  3. Okay so that was like on the 13th of March that I asked when it was going to be ready.

    So is it any closer?

    I mean like- can you hear my foot tapping here!! I know pushing the Author is dangerous business, but hey I am way over here!!!!! Catch me if you can. WAITING!!!

    1. Dangerous, indeed, but she is done with her part of it. It’s making its way into book form. It will hopefully be ready early next week. Give your foot a break.

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