Into the Song Worm Wormhole

Holy shit, you guys! Why the hell has the author been listening to this song all afternoon while she scrawls away in her notebook on an LAC 14 chapter? Wholly holy shit! Go listen! Seriously, go listen! What the hell is she up to? Or, what the hell are some of us up to?

And, I trust that none of you are womanizers and will only listen to the music, not look at the pictures.

Me? No, I did not look. Not really. Just long enough to know you shouldn’t look.

Gee, I suddenly have a hankering for a martini. … Maybe I’ll drink it out on the porch. Maybe there’s a crescent moon out tonight.

Jesus, is it hot in here or what? My face is flushed. Or maybe pastie—oops, I mean pasty. Jesus!



3 thoughts on “Into the Song Worm Wormhole

  1. Hey I was being NICE! Well trying too. I am not sure for who? Come to think of it really not my type… Oops! They could be my mom!!! Not fair!

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