Stalemates, LAC 11 Release Date

The eleventh book in the series about our crew, narrated by yours truly, will be released in ebook form on Monday the 25th. As with the majority, the ebook will be available exclusively from our bookstore. It’ll be $7.99, and the paperback should be out in early November.

The author says she’ll be taking some time for herself before delving back into the rigors of book-writing. We have agreed to hush for a bit; the author is learning that if she leaves us in a pleasurable place, we’re more apt to stay put. Where Stalemates ends, I could stay indefinitely.

However, I suspect that the author may have a big-talker streak like someone else we know and love (ahem). If I were a gambling sort of girl, I’d wager that she will be dressing up as a writer even before Halloween.

OFF THE RECORD: She has a nice chunk of LAC 12 already completed; although, I think she’ll be writing it in tandem with another Laura mystery. Stay tuned!