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The Subject is Subjects

Subjects, Lesbian Adventure Club: Book 17 will be officially released in the morning. However… I happen to know that it’s already in the LAC bookstore. It says on the site that it is expected to be in stock tomorrow. Despite that, you can purchase and download it now. Just don’t tell anyone I told you that, but feel free to brag that you read it before it was released. 🙂

It should be available for Kindle by week’s end and in paperback sometime next week. It takes longer for it to become available at the other outlets. You’ll have to hold your horses or get it while it’s hot in our bookstore.



LAC 17 Update

She finally finished LAC 17, and now it’ll move on to editing. It has a title, a cover, and a blurb. We are getting there! It should be ready by month’s end, but keep in mind she still has a couple of those major life events on the horizon. With those things, you never frickin’ know.

LAC 17 cover

Blurb: Kate and Claudia are sick and tired of LAC weekends sending them through an emotional wringer. As this month’s hostesses, they have vowed to avoid their typical wussy ways and do nothing less than mess with the crew. Can they pull it off, or is the deck stacked against them?