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You Will Get Sutures Tomorrow

Okay, that post title sounds horrid … unless you happen to know that Book 13 is Sutures. Since you’re hanging out at the DWD blog, it’s probably safe to assume that you do.

Anyway, the ebook will be unofficially released tomorrow. You can get it in the LAC bookstore. The paperback will be officially released in January 2012.

There’s a link over yonder to the sample chapters. The book cover is below. Click it for the big one.

LAC 13 book cover


And, between you and me… She lopped off the epilogue she had nearly finished, claiming it was nonessential to the story. However, it’s essential to me, so I will see what I can do about getting her to finish it. She should hand it over to you as an outtake if nothing else.



Stretching for Home

Well, she passed 30,000 words today. She has 19,287 to go. With a good pair of binoculars, we may be able to see the finish line … and a gurney … and a straight jacket … and … and … what’s that? … oh, that damn bottle of tequila.

She is almost finished with Chapter 2 of the as-yet-unnamed LAC 14. Yes, I, too, think it needs a title. With it being an even number, it warrants an l-word+1 title. Someone suggested Lemon Peppers, which I thought was kind of cool … at least until he said he happened upon a picture of lemon pepper tofu. I don’t even want to know what the hell that looks like.

Anyway, I wish I could swipe the chapters and post them for you, but when the author says ‘rough,’ she is not talking about dogs. I do believe she’d kill me, which would make her have to begin another Laura book just to solve my murder, and we sure as hell can’t have that.

And, no, Sutures is still not complete. She’s thinking that having two files for it and not being able to edit either make her unable to see the whole. Apparently, you cannot end what you cannot see. We know how it ended and are happy to be in the next one. Whose weekend is it?




Uh, remember when we issued that D Double D dare to our dear author? Yeah, she did it and broke the half-mil ceiling. You’d think she’d simply have galumphed on her merry way. But, oh, not Roz.

It seems this morning she signed up for National Novel Writing Month, with the goal of writing 50,000 words during the month of November. She’s taken “rebel” status—I’m sure that surprises everyone—because she intends to work on something already in progress, rather than on something “from scratch” as the rules dictate. That in-progress thing would be Sutures, book 13, and she has sworn to jump into LAC 14 in her quest for the prize.

That seems like a very lofty goal for one in a slump, but she is a writer, after all. So, at the same time, it makes perfect sense. Except for one itty-bitty snag. And, yes, that involves your beloved DWD.

She has D Double D dared us to behave ourselves for the month of November: to stay on task and not jump ahead; to proceed through Sutures in a linear fashion; to keep at it and not slough off; do what we need to do to complete the weekend; and then do the same for LAC 14. Seriously, she has dared us to behave! Behave! Isn’t that like asking us not to be ourselves or something? Wouldn’t that make us characters out of character? But then again, a dare is a horribly tempting sort of thing, not one we generally pass on, no matter how foolish. Truth be told, though, naked cannonballs sound much easier than this. Even Dare Devil Laura isn’t so cocky on this one, and that should make us all tremble in fear.

Everybody please, please, please cross your fingers on this one! We will never, ever live this down.

So, that little orange bar up yonder gets a new title and a different task. If any of you have a talent for telekinesis, now would be the time to show off.



LAC 13 Chapter 2

Okay, people, the author has been majorly slacking off as of late. We need to crack the whip! Since posting a snippet of her rough draft got her moving, let’s see what happens if I post Chapter 2.

And… Since it has been frickin’ forever since you read Chapter 1, it may be helpful to read it again before this new chapter. You can find the whole of it here.


Chapter 2

For nearly half an hour, we followed that blue van away from the city and into the openness of the country. We spoke very little; we were biding our time, wishing it to go faster. We continued to exchange glances that sought reassurance. But, it wasn’t the classic: Are we there yet? It was the unfamiliar: Is she okay? Even the occasional faces in the van’s back window wore the same fretful expression.

Was she okay? Despite being right next to her, I had no clue, and she was hardly one to make an announcement if she wasn’t—which was why we were in this situation to begin with. She kept things to herself, and when she wouldn’t even let Holly in, whatever it was, wherever she resided, was not good.

Hurry up, van! Hurry up, car!

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Keeping My Word

As I said I would, I swiped the whole first chapter from Sutures, LAC 13.


Chapter 1

Very bravely and with great determination, Maggie rapped on the door of the Crawford-McCallister homestead. “Nobody lose your nerve,” she ordered.

I took a deep breath and watched Kris and Janice do the same.

Momentarily, the door opened and a seemingly confused Holly appeared.

Maggie point-blankly and very loudly said, “We’re here for Laura.”

“Good morning to you, too.” She narrowed her eyes at us.

Unswayed by Holly’s demeanor, Maggie explained, “Section 37a of the Lesbian Adventure Club bylaws reads, ‘Any couple forfeiting their weekend in the established rotation also forfeits all their rights. They are, in essence, at the mercy of all other members.'”

Holly gnawed on that for several seconds before she bellowed, “It does not! We don’t have bylaws!” She snatched the paper from Maggie’s hand and read. Finally, she asked, “Laura and I actually signed something like this?”

“Um, no,” Maggie admitted. “We just made it up this morning.”

“You can’t just make things up!”

“Sure, we can,” Maggie responded.

“We’re quite good at it,” Janice added with a snicker.

Holly’s hands went to her hips. “Where is everyone else?”

Maggie shrugged and simply repeated, “We’re here for Laura.”

“She’s in the living room.” She turned, and although the living room was well within earshot, she shouted, “Babe, I think we’ve got trouble.”

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