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Swipe Complete

It is astounding how swiftly authors can get on the stick when you insinuate that their writing is unreadable.

Here’s Chapter 1 from Living Dead(heads), freshly second draft…


Chapter 1

The Murder

“Claudia, I have to work late,” I lied, and it made me sick to my stomach.

“Oh, really? Any idea how long?” the green-eyed inquisitor asked.

This time, at least, I did not need to lie. “I’m not sure. It shouldn’t be too long.”

“Okay. I’ll see you soon then, honey. I love you.”

I returned the sentiment and thought for sure I’d hurl. I disconnected, threw my phone to the passenger seat, and hit the gas.

A few moments later, I eased into the drive-thru lane at Road Swill’s biggest competitor. After a two-car wait, my eyes frantically scanned the overwhelming menu. Road Swill’s was simple and to the point, and it sure as hell didn’t have sizes in Italian sounding words. This was goddamn stupid, and when the crackly voice on the speaker asked what I wanted, I said, “Latte, medium.” She translated my emphasized word into pseudo-Italian as though I were a moron, not a rebelling traitor trying to make a point.

 It didn’t take long to make it to the window where a gaudy cup was presented to me. As I waited for my change, I glanced at my watch: four-thirty five.

With fifteen minutes to kill, I took a spot in the parking lot, cut the engine, and lit a cigarette. A rolled down the window halfway, and January rushed in as though welcome. I was nervous, frickin’ nervous. Pacing would have helped, but that was close to impossible in a car’s front seat.

Now don’t go thinking I was simply being my wussy self. You would have been nervous, too. At least, I hope you would have been. It was not everyday you loitered in a parking lot until it was time to go murder someone. Seriously, that was exactly what I had to do and why the hell I had lied to Claudia. Seeing myself as neither murder nor liar, I was in way the hell over my head. And to shove my head under even further, Alison was my intended victim. Alison! Jesus, I’d rather murder myself than even say an unkind word to her, but here I was.

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And the S-Word is…

Sentinels is the title of LAC Book 19, and the author has finished it! It moves on to editing now. She’s doing Camp NaNoWriMo in April, though, so I am not sure if it will be released in April or if we have to wait until May. Your favorite reporter will keep you posted.

In the meantime…

Chapter 1

“Ginny, even if you do manage to get us all killed, Holly will go to hell for it, not you.”

Claudia’s words were followed by a tense silence.

Finally, Ginny snorted a laugh. “Very true. She’s an arm-twister to beat all arm-twisters.” She shook her head and said, “And if Laura manages not to get either of them killed, we’ll all be just fine.”

Kris reached from the van’s passenger side, patted Ginny’s leg, and for the fiftieth time commended her driving. Then, Claudia reached to place another bit of donut in front of Ginny’s mouth, and after she accepted it, she eased back into the seat next to me.

Claudia and I, obviously, sat in the bench seat directly behind our competent driver. Laura’s sister, Jaye, sat on the other side of me, immersed in the book Ginny had loaned her many miles back, Dickens’ Great Expectations. Knowing that was hardly a page-turner in good weather, I guessed she tried desperately to keep her mind occupied and her eyes off the road ahead.

Behind us sat Maggie, Susan, Janice, and Alison. They were respectfully quiet, and just how nervous they were, I couldn’t fathom without a gawking about-face that I just couldn’t muster. Unlike Jaye, I needed to keep my eyes on the road—okay, if you really could call it a road. There really wasn’t any road to be seen.

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Lore Mongers, Chapter 4

Well, the author’s feeling rather bad that she wasn’t able to release an LAC and its matching “MerryHigh5” coupon for Christmas or whatever holiday you do or do not celebrate. We’ll forgive her this time and promise to crack the whip after she celebrates her own Christmas.

So, from the ten of us, a Merry High Five with, um, absolutely no monetary value but a hell of a lot of spunk.

And ‘t’is the season for swiping things. Okay, maybe not. Giving then. Giving. I’m giving you the chapter I swiped…

Chapter 4

It seemed merely a moment had passed before I opened my eyes again. The unexpected brightness hurt like hell. I worked to adjust as I stretched to force the sleepiness from of my body. That was when I realized Claudia was not beside me.

“Claudia?” I quietly called, which I instantly realized was quite stupid. She could not have been anywhere in the tiny room without being seen.

I shot upright, and my eyes sped to the table. Her cup was gone. She and Earl had traipsed off somewhere. I reached for my phone: 8:07. Maybe she had gone to the bathroom. I hoped for her sake it was not the one I had visited last night. Not yet interested in clothing my naked body, I slid back into the sleeping bag, rolled off the air mattress, turned myself around, and slithered to the door. A reach up got me the doorknob, a twist got it open, and a peek through the crack got me nearly the start of my life. There she sat on the tiny cabin’s tiny porch, mere inches from my face. Her knees were up, her arms wrapped around them, and Earl hung onto her hand.

“Claudia?” I called again. “It’s cold. What are you doing out here?”

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Lore Mongers Chapter 3

Okay, the author’s NaNo manuscript proved to be a bigger mess than she’s used to. In other words, things are progressing slowly. So, I thought I’d swipe another chapter for you because I’m sure you’re just dying to know what happens next.

Chapter 3

Claudia hauled ass to our cabin, and I tried like hell to keep up with her. As soon as we got inside, she spun around, grabbed me, and held on tight. It was nice, but at the same time, I knew something was wrong. Before I could even ask, though, she posed her own question, “Honey, would it be okay if we didn’t sleep in the loft?”

“I’m willing to try it,” I assured. Although, truth be told, I’d rather have been stuck in a tent, but still, I knew she was simply trying to spare me. “You don’t have to—”

“I don’t want to sleep up there,” she qualified.

“You don’t?” I admit I wasn’t expecting that. I pulled back and tried to see her eyes in the near darkness. I reached and fumbled for the switch on the wall lamp. “Are you okay?”

“I’m just fine. I just think I’d rather be on the sturdy floor tonight.” She squinched up her eyes. “Is that okay with you?” Once I nodded, she said, “Maybe we can try sleeping up there tomorrow night.”

“Fine by me,” I told her.

With a whiplashing change of subject, she asked, “Are you sure you don’t want to make a run to the bathroom with us? Hot water is a very precious thing when you’re camping.”

“So is coffee,” I replied. “I’ll take care of that and then see about getting us some space down here for the sleeping bag. I’ll hit the cold-water bathroom before we crawl in.”

Her eyes narrowed even more. “You’re sure? Positive?”

“I am. Now grab your stuff and go so you don’t end up walking in the dark alone.”

She planted a sweet kiss on my lips, snatched the duffle bag and the flashlight, and disappeared into the night.

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LAC 15 Chapter 2

As promised, here’s the second chapter of Smooched. If you haven’t read Chapter 1 yet, you’d be well advised to click here first.


Chapter 2

We had no idea precisely what the government’s business was, but still, we wasted no time jumping right into the bitching and moaning portion of the program. Afterall, this was it: They were going to mess with us in a way that would force us to mess with each other. A quick scan gave me four crybaby grimaces.

“First order of business,” Girl Friday began. “We are all strangers again, just like last time. Not couples. Not friends. Strangers.” Her eyes traveled to both couples who had kissy-faced, and then she let loose with what I deemed a mortal sin, “No more all over each other, or even being close, for that matter.” Then she did something that frickin’ blew us all away. She said, “And that goes for the mayor and me, too. We’ll be participating, and we’ve figured out a way to level the playing field. You’ll see.” With an elbow, she thrust the imaginary microphone to the mayor.

“The second order of business,” Mayor Alison said. “As strangers, you’ll again be sleeping separately, but this time, we won’t even be bunking you up with someone else. You’ll need to be alone, the why of which will be clearer soon.”

Girl Friday said, “Even though this house is big, it does not have ten bedrooms.” She pointed to our mountain of belongings near the foyer. “You have sleeping bags so we’ll improvise.”

“We’ll draw numbers, and we’ll have our detective monitor the drawing so you all know it’s not rigged by us.” She smiled and said, “We’re one of you this time. You’ll just have to trust us.”

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LAC 15 Chapter 1

Here is the first chapter of LAC 15. Please remember it’s first draft. And, yes, you are correct: It does not yet have a title. It’s supposed to get an S-word this time.


Chapter 1

Dear Mayor and Girl Friday,

We appreciate your invitation to spend a nice relaxing weekend at the mayor’s mansion. Unfortunately, we are unable to attend as we will be running away together for the weekend.


Alberta Cojones & Heady Heaper

Okay, we didn’t actually RSVP that, but we probably should have. I sure as hell wanted to. Claudia, on the other hand, dusted off her 30s persona with great anticipation. I knew, though, that she wasn’t quite as trusting as she came across. Easily, I discovered that when I tried shoving clothes into our duffle bag, finding little room to spare with the fifty-two bazillion teabags she had stashed. Prohibition or not, the gangster would have her Earl.

For me, I figured this weekend at the mayor’s mansion would be even more difficult than the last one. Then, we ‘simply’ had to determine who the hell stole Bimbo Babe. This time, Ginny and Laura had made Alison and Janice promise to make the activity “cutthroat,” and Ginny had gone so far as to push for pitting partner against partner. Short of poker and a ‘friendly’ spitball war, I was not at all fond of anything competitive, let alone cutthroat, with Claudia. It just didn’t jibe with my wussy nature.

Regardless, there I was, Heady Heaper, unscrupulous gossip columnist, pacing and smoking in our driveway, awaiting my ride to the mayor’s house. Per couple-cleaving instruction, Claudia left nearly an hour prior, after we greedily kissed about a thousand times, knowing we would soon become strangers—or much, much worse. Recognizing my anxiety—and most likely knowing its source, she gave me the “mess with and be messed with” lecture, and we once more vowed to come out the other end of the weekend together, no matter what.

I had just tossed my extinguished butt into the garbage can when I spied a familiar car pull into the drive. Despite myself, I smiled and eagerly approached.

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LAC 14 Chapter 1

Okay, I swiped Chapter 1 from the book that still does not have a title. It is not final draft, but we’ll make that our own little secret.

At the end of your reading, you will find, as promised, a link to the telltale, mood-setting music.


Chapter 1

“Kate! Quit arguing, honey, and just pull over!”

Jesus, I hated it went things went wrong before a Lesbian Adventure Club weekend had even officially begun.

“Fine,” I barked at her. I slowed far too quickly and lurched into a convenience store’s parking lot. I shoved the car into park, saying, “I really don’t think I was driving that badly.”

“Honey, you always think you drive okay without shoes on.”

That’s because I frickin’ do, Claudia! But, I shut my mouth, even going so far as to resist the urge to point out how poorly I could have driven had I been wearing three-foot-long clown shoes. Regardless, and for the record—the DWD record, not the DMV record—I was not a bad driver. Granted, I was not as overly cautious as she was, and okay, I had somewhat of a lead foot … whose weight was a hell of a lot harder to gauge without a shoe at the weigh-in.

She unbuckled her seatbelt, twisted around, and came pretty damn close to sliding right into the backseat. I thought to help her but proved able to rein in my inner scoundrel just in time. I was already starting out the day on the wrong foot, and I desperately needed it to start out on the right one. Sock, clown, lead: It didn’t matter which. It just mattered that it did, and my testy attitude was not helping.

So, I distracted myself: I stared at her butt. While that normally would have been a good thing, a splendid thing, I instead found myself wondering how I ever convinced her that the gaudy plaid did not make her butt look bigger. Truth be told, it did. I was sure it was not anywhere near the grotesque proportions she believed, but, yes, gaudy plaid widened her load. Still, it was a damn glorious thing to behold, and I felt better.

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LAC 13 Chapter 2

Okay, people, the author has been majorly slacking off as of late. We need to crack the whip! Since posting a snippet of her rough draft got her moving, let’s see what happens if I post Chapter 2.

And… Since it has been frickin’ forever since you read Chapter 1, it may be helpful to read it again before this new chapter. You can find the whole of it here.


Chapter 2

For nearly half an hour, we followed that blue van away from the city and into the openness of the country. We spoke very little; we were biding our time, wishing it to go faster. We continued to exchange glances that sought reassurance. But, it wasn’t the classic: Are we there yet? It was the unfamiliar: Is she okay? Even the occasional faces in the van’s back window wore the same fretful expression.

Was she okay? Despite being right next to her, I had no clue, and she was hardly one to make an announcement if she wasn’t—which was why we were in this situation to begin with. She kept things to herself, and when she wouldn’t even let Holly in, whatever it was, wherever she resided, was not good.

Hurry up, van! Hurry up, car!

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Laura Book 4 14+

Tucked between 14 and 15…


“How’s this?” she asked as she brought the wheelchair to a halt in a weak swath of sunshine. When she received approval, she straightened the white blanket on his lap. “The sun will do you good.”

“Thank you very much,” he said. “It feels so good to get out of that room. You’re a real trooper for helping me.”

“Anytime, Mr. Morley,” she replied and took a seat on the faux leather sofa. She leaned to the end table and snatched a magazine from the stack. The random act produced one on photography. 

She had just cracked it open when she shrieked, “Oops, I forgot to tell the nurse we were headed to the solarium. I told her I would.” She shot to her feet. “I’ll be right back. Don’t you try to go anywhere.”

Like a shot, she left the room and tore down the hall.

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Laura Book 4 11+

Here’s what comes after Chapter 11…


She sat in a booth near the large front window but far enough away that she was not on display to passers-by. Her eyes scanned the area outside and looked expectantly at the few patrons who entered.

She was nervous. Very nervous.

She tightened the roll of the brown paper sack next to her and patted it when she finished. Then she checked her watch. She estimated that she had an hour to complete this mission, stop at the market, and be cooking before she came home from work. 

The cafe’s door opened, and she looked up to see him enter. As inconspicuously as she could, she flagged him down.

“How are you?” he asked her as he slid into the booth.

“I’m fine,” she reflexively answered as though to a stranger. “How are you?”

“Curious,” he admitted and then quickly ordered coffee from the waitress who appeared. When she left, he leaned across the table and whispered, “Why exactly are we sneaking around?”

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