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She gets a bump past 975,000!

The LAC series now sails beyond 600,000. That’s pretty darn cool and yet kind of funny if you consider that she didn’t think she was even writing a series when she finished the first book. She should be thankful the DWD are so boisterous and demanding.

And an update on LAC 15… It’s slowly coming along, but now I’m not quite convinced she’s going to hit the million mark on this book. Told you she sucks at estimating book lengths. If not this one, then it should be LAC 16 and not a Laura book. We’re planting seeds for 16 in her seedy little brain, just frickin’ in case.



LAC 15 Chapter 1

Here is the first chapter of LAC 15. Please remember it’s first draft. And, yes, you are correct: It does not yet have a title. It’s supposed to get an S-word this time.


Chapter 1

Dear Mayor and Girl Friday,

We appreciate your invitation to spend a nice relaxing weekend at the mayor’s mansion. Unfortunately, we are unable to attend as we will be running away together for the weekend.


Alberta Cojones & Heady Heaper

Okay, we didn’t actually RSVP that, but we probably should have. I sure as hell wanted to. Claudia, on the other hand, dusted off her 30s persona with great anticipation. I knew, though, that she wasn’t quite as trusting as she came across. Easily, I discovered that when I tried shoving clothes into our duffle bag, finding little room to spare with the fifty-two bazillion teabags she had stashed. Prohibition or not, the gangster would have her Earl.

For me, I figured this weekend at the mayor’s mansion would be even more difficult than the last one. Then, we ‘simply’ had to determine who the hell stole Bimbo Babe. This time, Ginny and Laura had made Alison and Janice promise to make the activity “cutthroat,” and Ginny had gone so far as to push for pitting partner against partner. Short of poker and a ‘friendly’ spitball war, I was not at all fond of anything competitive, let alone cutthroat, with Claudia. It just didn’t jibe with my wussy nature.

Regardless, there I was, Heady Heaper, unscrupulous gossip columnist, pacing and smoking in our driveway, awaiting my ride to the mayor’s house. Per couple-cleaving instruction, Claudia left nearly an hour prior, after we greedily kissed about a thousand times, knowing we would soon become strangers—or much, much worse. Recognizing my anxiety—and most likely knowing its source, she gave me the “mess with and be messed with” lecture, and we once more vowed to come out the other end of the weekend together, no matter what.

I had just tossed my extinguished butt into the garbage can when I spied a familiar car pull into the drive. Despite myself, I smiled and eagerly approached.

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