She gets a bump past 975,000!

The LAC series now sails beyond 600,000. That’s pretty darn cool and yet kind of funny if you consider that she didn’t think she was even writing a series when she finished the first book. She should be thankful the DWD are so boisterous and demanding.

And an update on LAC 15… It’s slowly coming along, but now I’m not quite convinced she’s going to hit the million mark on this book. Told you she sucks at estimating book lengths. If not this one, then it should be LAC 16 and not a Laura book. We’re planting seeds for 16 in her seedy little brain, just frickin’ in case.



1 thought on “Milestones

  1. DWD girls are planting seeds is that what you are saying? Her brain is seedy? I wouldn’t have thought that of her.

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