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Hey 19

Sentinels, Lesbian Adventure Club: Book 19 just got released in our bookstore! Woohoo! It is forthcoming to the other retailers and paperback.

Here are the particulars…

LAC 19 bookcover


Blurb: Eager to spend Christmas at Crappie Cabin, Holly arm-twists everyone into trying to outrun a snowstorm. Even after they arrive, though, it’s still a matter of survival. But, this is the DWD! Come hell or frozen water, nothing will hamper their holiday!



And the S-Word is…

Sentinels is the title of LAC Book 19, and the author has finished it! It moves on to editing now. She’s doing Camp NaNoWriMo in April, though, so I am not sure if it will be released in April or if we have to wait until May. Your favorite reporter will keep you posted.

In the meantime…

Chapter 1

“Ginny, even if you do manage to get us all killed, Holly will go to hell for it, not you.”

Claudia’s words were followed by a tense silence.

Finally, Ginny snorted a laugh. “Very true. She’s an arm-twister to beat all arm-twisters.” She shook her head and said, “And if Laura manages not to get either of them killed, we’ll all be just fine.”

Kris reached from the van’s passenger side, patted Ginny’s leg, and for the fiftieth time commended her driving. Then, Claudia reached to place another bit of donut in front of Ginny’s mouth, and after she accepted it, she eased back into the seat next to me.

Claudia and I, obviously, sat in the bench seat directly behind our competent driver. Laura’s sister, Jaye, sat on the other side of me, immersed in the book Ginny had loaned her many miles back, Dickens’ Great Expectations. Knowing that was hardly a page-turner in good weather, I guessed she tried desperately to keep her mind occupied and her eyes off the road ahead.

Behind us sat Maggie, Susan, Janice, and Alison. They were respectfully quiet, and just how nervous they were, I couldn’t fathom without a gawking about-face that I just couldn’t muster. Unlike Jaye, I needed to keep my eyes on the road—okay, if you really could call it a road. There really wasn’t any road to be seen.

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