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Stringers Chapter 1

Jesus, it seems an eon since I’ve gotten to swipe something that actually pertains to us!

Here’s the loot… (It’s not final draft so please don’t chisel it into a stone tablet or anything.)

Chapter 1

Claudia slid the keycard through the slot on Room 207 at the Granton Suites.

Already, I know what you’re thinking: a wild night ahead for this chick. Okay, so maybe you didn’t make that presumption. It was more than likely yours truly. It would had to have been a bad joke, though, because the chances of that were about as good as this February day giving me heat exhaustion. And, not because of her, mind you, but because of me. I barely wanted to be in the same room with her. Take a moment to write that down; it doesn’t happen very often, and when it does, this reporter deems it most newsworthy.

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LAC 13 Chapter 2

Okay, people, the author has been majorly slacking off as of late. We need to crack the whip! Since posting a snippet of her rough draft got her moving, let’s see what happens if I post Chapter 2.

And… Since it has been frickin’ forever since you read Chapter 1, it may be helpful to read it again before this new chapter. You can find the whole of it here.


Chapter 2

For nearly half an hour, we followed that blue van away from the city and into the openness of the country. We spoke very little; we were biding our time, wishing it to go faster. We continued to exchange glances that sought reassurance. But, it wasn’t the classic: Are we there yet? It was the unfamiliar: Is she okay? Even the occasional faces in the van’s back window wore the same fretful expression.

Was she okay? Despite being right next to her, I had no clue, and she was hardly one to make an announcement if she wasn’t—which was why we were in this situation to begin with. She kept things to herself, and when she wouldn’t even let Holly in, whatever it was, wherever she resided, was not good.

Hurry up, van! Hurry up, car!

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Contraband 3: LAC 10 Chapter 3

I am not the most inconspicuous of thieves. I barely escaped with my life this time. And trust me, a few backspaces by the author and I do indeed cease to exist.

You all owe me BIG for nabbing the Chapter 3 of the still unfinished, still untitled Lesbian Adventure Club: Book 10!

If you need a recap or aren’t up to speed yet, Chapter 1 is here, Chapter 2 is here, and Chapter 3 is below.


Chapter 3

As Clyde uncorked the cognac, my eyes did a circuit of the room for the thirtieth time. Convinced I had overlooked neither the obvious nor the obscure, I conceded that Alberta had wordlessly taken leave. Maybe she needed the bathroom. Maybe she went screaming down the street in pursuit of Earl. Maybe she had a severe aversion to cognac. Maybe I had no clue where she had gone. The best I could do was trust they hadn’t turned her into a corpse; I would not have liked that, fiction or not. Kidnapping crossed my mind, and I promptly decided I didn’t want to entertain that idea either. I resolved to give her five minutes before my busybody self embarked on a mission of making sure nothing was wrong.

Soon, Clyde got to me, and I outstretched our glasses. "Easy on this one, Clyde," I said, wobbling the goblet in my left hand.

Knowingly, he nodded. "Best to stay sober in this situation," he recommended with a smile that upturned but one side of his mouth.

As he leaned closer to pour, I quietly inquired, "Do you know what’s going on, Denny?"

He shook his head. "They wouldn’t trust us. They said telling Noelle was the same as telling Holly, and telling Holly… Well, you get the idea." He finished pouring and added, "Good luck, Kate." Then he moved on to Joan, and the two of them started chatting up a sibling storm.

I eased back into my spot on the couch and took a sip of the amber beverage, far from amused when my throat burned closed and threatened to refuse entry. Finally, I successfully swallowed.

Nearly watering, my eyes scanned again, and this time, I saw Alberta. With an incredibly cocky smile, she sauntered through the room, took a seat next to me, and proceeded to bob a tea bag in the cup she held.

Curious as hell, I took a whiff. "Earl!" I gasped. When she smugly nodded, I asked, "Where the hell did you find him?"

"I didn’t find him," she quietly replied. "I found my connections." She snickered and tilted close enough to whisper, "I have enough tea bags stashed in my bra for the entire weekend."

"In your bra?" I whisper-shrieked. "You let Earl in your bra?"

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Arr! I’m a Plunderer

Seems I was able to abscond with Chapter 2 of the as-yet-unfinished Lesbian Adventure Club Book 9! You are amazed, I know. I would be amazed, too, if I wasn’t so impatient for the author to: Get the damn thing done!

If you didn’t read Chapter 1, please do so here. Otherwise, what follows will make even less sense than our LAC meetings sometimes do all on their own.


Chapter 2

The screw ducked into the kitchen again, this time returning with a huge sheet of paper. "It’s really quite simple," she said, and I figured I was not the only one to doubt that. She tacked the sheet to the wall and explained, "Bottom line is that if Holly would do it, it’s probably acceptable."

"Probably? That’s not very specific for a law, Detective McCallister."

"What the hell is this anyway? Is Holly princess for a day?"

"Every day," Laura said, and she and Holly started laughing and swiftly moved onto kissy-face activities.

"Hell, if Holly would kissy-face, it’s probably acceptable for us to do it, huh?"

"I say we go for it!"


Partner seized partner, and overdramatic smacks and mmm’s filled the room. Then, laughter erupted. And just when I thought maybe the weekend would not be so bad, an ear-piercing, head-exploding whistle sounded. We looked to the screw standing there, a referee’s whistle on a white cord being whipped in a circle with her index finger.

"Did anybody read the laws?" she haughtily inquired. "I suggest you read number six."

All eyes darted to the dreaded list.

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Did I just accidentally steal that?

There I was, hanging out at the author’s desk, waiting, waiting, waiting. Bored, I started snooping. Curdling lattes. Reading glasses. Bottle caps. My biography. Antacids. (No connection to the biography, I’m sure.) Oh, what’s this? First-draft first chapter of Lesbian Adventure Club Book 9! Holy shit, the mother lode! … Hmm, tentatively titled Spiders. That’ll do. That’ll do. It had to be an S-word, and a mighty fine one it is.

It’s not really stealing if it has your name on it, is it? Nah!


Chapter 1

What the hell?

"Oh, for Christ’s sake!"

"Holy shit! Holy frickin’ shit!"

Claudia shoved the car into park, and we just stared at it.

It was a Lesbian Adventure Club weekend. Those were generally good things, splendid things, but when our hostesses were none other than Holly and Laura, apprehension tended to overwhelm the usual excitement. Sitting in front of their house on a subzero January morning, I realized not one iota of that apprehension had been wasted. Oh, hell no.

With my jaw hanging, I looked to Claudia and found her in the same state of shock. My head turned back to the front of their house just to see it once more. I figured that maybe if I blinked it would not be there upon the eyelid grand opening. Three times, I tried. Three times, I failed.

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