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Stringers Released

Stringers, Lesbian Adventure Club: Book 21 was just released in the ebookstore! Amen.

The other retailers will have it soon, and it should be in paperback next week.

Here are the blurb and the book cover.

Stringer LAC 21 book cover

Blurb: There’s a bear sitting in the midst of the Dykes Who Dare. But, no one notices. How could that be? How could that possibly be? Something must be “just not right.”


Stringing It All Together

The author finished her edits of Stringers, and now, she awaits a copy for the final proof.

It could very well be released by week’s end, pending any crap life decides to dole out with a smirk. Dutiful reporter that I am, I will let you know.


Backhoe Idling

The author has completed all her hole-filling.! That means she deems it “first draft.” Feel free to applaud. Jesus, feel free to applaud.

Now, she moves on to editing, which she generally does with a vengeance.

Somebody grab the celery salt. There’s a Heirloom Tomato Bloody Mary on the horizon.

About frickin’ time!



The author broke the word count meter, again, going over 32,000. That is a good thing, though, as it means she’s making progress. I bumped her up to 33,000, although the word count doesn’t really matter to her anymore. She’ll be satisfied now because it’s already longer than the shortest book in the series, Spiders.

As an update… For the most part, the story is done. She’s ‘just’ doing the hole-filling. She’s got ten chapters completed, with four or five left to fix. Her goal is to have a complete first draft by month’s end, edit it, and hopefully have it released in early September. Her incentive, oddly enough, is to trade her usual celebratory margarita for a Bloody Mary made with heirloom tomatoes from her garden. I hope to hell we’re invited.

She also has a good chunk of 21.5 already written and is bound and determined to have that completed and released shortly after this one. She wants October and November free of pressing things. Someone very dear to her—and us, for that matter—copied Susan and will be bringing a new life into this world. She intends be available to help however she can and simply to let herself be awed by the miracles that sometimes do befall us. We certainly can’t argue that, and we have promised to be on our best behavior. Not one frickin’ mention of LAC 22.


Stringers Chapter 1

Jesus, it seems an eon since I’ve gotten to swipe something that actually pertains to us!

Here’s the loot… (It’s not final draft so please don’t chisel it into a stone tablet or anything.)

Chapter 1

Claudia slid the keycard through the slot on Room 207 at the Granton Suites.

Already, I know what you’re thinking: a wild night ahead for this chick. Okay, so maybe you didn’t make that presumption. It was more than likely yours truly. It would had to have been a bad joke, though, because the chances of that were about as good as this February day giving me heat exhaustion. And, not because of her, mind you, but because of me. I barely wanted to be in the same room with her. Take a moment to write that down; it doesn’t happen very often, and when it does, this reporter deems it most newsworthy.

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Stringing Us Along

Well, kind of, anyway. She topped 27,000, but now, the number will move much slower. She wrote the final chapter and is now heading back to the very beginning: reading, editing, and falling into those big-ass canyons that are lurking there. And I do mean big-ass this time. Some of them are her fault, simply going with the flow. Some of them, however, are our doing, getting impatient and dragging her ahead. Time to fill the bastards! She hates canyon-filling more than most things in a writer’s life, and I will spare her dignity and not describe the pissing and moaning and utter despair that goes into it. Suffice it to say: It is not pretty. We just stand back and stay out of her way.

I do know that Chapter 1 is pretty much intact, and I will swipe it as soon as I can.

Oh, and, it finally got a title. LAC 21 will be Stringers.

We are getting there!