The author broke the word count meter, again, going over 32,000. That is a good thing, though, as it means she’s making progress. I bumped her up to 33,000, although the word count doesn’t really matter to her anymore. She’ll be satisfied now because it’s already longer than the shortest book in the series, Spiders.

As an update… For the most part, the story is done. She’s ‘just’ doing the hole-filling. She’s got ten chapters completed, with four or five left to fix. Her goal is to have a complete first draft by month’s end, edit it, and hopefully have it released in early September. Her incentive, oddly enough, is to trade her usual celebratory margarita for a Bloody Mary made with heirloom tomatoes from her garden. I hope to hell we’re invited.

She also has a good chunk of 21.5 already written and is bound and determined to have that completed and released shortly after this one. She wants October and November free of pressing things. Someone very dear to her—and us, for that matter—copied Susan and will be bringing a new life into this world. She intends be available to help however she can and simply to let herself be awed by the miracles that sometimes do befall us. We certainly can’t argue that, and we have promised to be on our best behavior. Not one frickin’ mention of LAC 22.