Stringing Us Along

Well, kind of, anyway. She topped 27,000, but now, the number will move much slower. She wrote the final chapter and is now heading back to the very beginning: reading, editing, and falling into those big-ass canyons that are lurking there. And I do mean big-ass this time. Some of them are her fault, simply going with the flow. Some of them, however, are our doing, getting impatient and dragging her ahead. Time to fill the bastards! She hates canyon-filling more than most things in a writer’s life, and I will spare her dignity and not describe the pissing and moaning and utter despair that goes into it. Suffice it to say: It is not pretty. We just stand back and stay out of her way.

I do know that Chapter 1 is pretty much intact, and I will swipe it as soon as I can.

Oh, and, it finally got a title. LAC 21 will be Stringers.

We are getting there!