Uh, remember when we issued that D Double D dare to our dear author? Yeah, she did it and broke the half-mil ceiling. You’d think she’d simply have galumphed on her merry way. But, oh, not Roz.

It seems this morning she signed up for National Novel Writing Month, with the goal of writing 50,000 words during the month of November. She’s taken “rebel” status—I’m sure that surprises everyone—because she intends to work on something already in progress, rather than on something “from scratch” as the rules dictate. That in-progress thing would be Sutures, book 13, and she has sworn to jump into LAC 14 in her quest for the prize.

That seems like a very lofty goal for one in a slump, but she is a writer, after all. So, at the same time, it makes perfect sense. Except for one itty-bitty snag. And, yes, that involves your beloved DWD.

She has D Double D dared us to behave ourselves for the month of November: to stay on task and not jump ahead; to proceed through Sutures in a linear fashion; to keep at it and not slough off; do what we need to do to complete the weekend; and then do the same for LAC 14. Seriously, she has dared us to behave! Behave! Isn’t that like asking us not to be ourselves or something? Wouldn’t that make us characters out of character? But then again, a dare is a horribly tempting sort of thing, not one we generally pass on, no matter how foolish. Truth be told, though, naked cannonballs sound much easier than this. Even Dare Devil Laura isn’t so cocky on this one, and that should make us all tremble in fear.

Everybody please, please, please cross your fingers on this one! We will never, ever live this down.

So, that little orange bar up yonder gets a new title and a different task. If any of you have a talent for telekinesis, now would be the time to show off.