Stretching for Home

Well, she passed 30,000 words today. She has 19,287 to go. With a good pair of binoculars, we may be able to see the finish line … and a gurney … and a straight jacket … and … and … what’s that? … oh, that damn bottle of tequila.

She is almost finished with Chapter 2 of the as-yet-unnamed LAC 14. Yes, I, too, think it needs a title. With it being an even number, it warrants an l-word+1 title. Someone suggested Lemon Peppers, which I thought was kind of cool … at least until he said he happened upon a picture of lemon pepper tofu. I don’t even want to know what the hell that looks like.

Anyway, I wish I could swipe the chapters and post them for you, but when the author says ‘rough,’ she is not talking about dogs. I do believe she’d kill me, which would make her have to begin another Laura book just to solve my murder, and we sure as hell can’t have that.

And, no, Sutures is still not complete. She’s thinking that having two files for it and not being able to edit either make her unable to see the whole. Apparently, you cannot end what you cannot see. We know how it ended and are happy to be in the next one. Whose weekend is it?