Total Deadheads

Was there some symbolism we missed in the author’s naming of our last book, Living Dead(heads), and then leaving us to languish? If there was, it went over my frickin’ deadhead; yet, here we are.

She went from having too many projects in the works to getting totally fixated on one. The Squatter sequel has 78,000 words. Now, she’s stuck on the ending so she’s looking for diversions she can justify. Oh gee, the Lesbian Adventure Club crew! How you chicks doin’? Okay, she doesn’t exactly speak to us like that, but the message is the same.

So, what do we do? Continue to be deadheads? Become highly uncooperative? Make her pay for her utter neglect? Or, quietly and gently slip an arm around her and bring her back into our world where we can totally take advantage of her need to do anything but look at that other manuscript?

Let me ponder that.