The More Things Change

We’ve got our digs redecorated. The author got a new bookstore, and we, consequently, got evicted from our own bookstore. LAC books got a price drop because the author wants you to be able to read the entire series without having to take out a loan. Oh, yes, and spring has sprung—in the author’s speck of the world anyway.

New stuff, lots of new stuff, and yet…

The sequel to Squatter is still on the back burner. LAC 21 gets a few words added every once in a while, but it is by no means progressing. LAC 21.5 is still ‘almost done.’ Methinks she kiddiths not this time when she says she has writer’s block. She’s gone seven months without releasing anything new. We know that because it is her mantra as she bashes her head into her whiteboard. Trust me: It is not pretty, and since we basically live in her head, it frickin’ hurts. What to do? What to do?

Whip-cracking generally works, but her self-flagellation would probably make it ineffectual. Guilt? Nah, that trusty reservoir is already overflowing. Sweet-talking? Holly tried that already, and if Holly couldn’t get it to work, it ain’t gonna work. What to do? What to do? Um…

How about some public accountability in the form of a challenge? NaNoWriMo always seems to work, but we sure as hell can’t wait until November. Okay, how about one of those progress meters we had on here to get her to a million words in our series? That worked, but baby steps would probably be better right now. Let’s just prod her to 10,000, and maybe that will be enough for her to recharge her writer mojo or whatever the hell it is that keeps her going. (Jesus, is her muse on strike? I hadn’t thought of that.)

Okay. Plan? Yep.

Keep an eye on the meter in the sidebar. It had better move from that measly 965 she’s committed to the manuscript. In the meantime, I’ll see if Laura can put out an APB on that missing muse. Maybe Holly can whip up a sketch of her and put it on coffee cups, not milk cartons.

All right, everybody cross their fingers…