Last-Second Parachute

There we were: having fallen off the face of the earth. Scary prospect. But, alas, we are still kickin’ in our usual obnoxious style. I’m sure you consider yourselves blessed. 🙂

Anyway, the author has been very busy with her own life lately and not just ours. However, she has been working on LAC 16 research and plotting, and odds are good she will grab that accumulation of work to land prepared on this first day of NaNoWriMo, November 1st. Last year she didn’t decide/commit until the mid-morning of and then spent the rest of the month scrambling, starving, and screaming. She even had to accept “rebel status” because she used a project she had already begun work on (Sutures), and when she finished that one, she jumped onto the fresh page of a new story she hadn’t even had time to think of. Oh yes, the author was very ill-prepared, and saved, if I remember correctly, by a tangent of Laura’s and mine … something to do with a moron in a barrel. She did reach the goal of 50,000 words.

With that 20/20 hindsight stuff, she’s planning on being thoroughly prepared this time and on starting LAC 16 from word one. We’re placing bets in here on whether or not that preparation will actually prevent the scrambling, starving, and screaming. I haven’t yet decided where I’m placing my coffee money. She can be very quiet and disciplined on some occasions, but I think maybe at her core she has that “hurts-so-good” kind of process. We shall see. Regardless, somewhere in there she will reach her own goal of 1,000,000 words.

So… LAC 16 is a Kris and Ginny weekend. God help us all. We’re traveling out of town, but I won’t say where, but, no, it’s not Crappie Cabin. Oh, and its title gets an L-Word+1.

Things to look forward to … like a parachute opening at the very last second.



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