Okay, it’s not even NaNoWriMo, and she’s already acting strangely. She now has a cover and a blurb for a book that doesn’t even exist, that won’t exist until the end of November, if she’s lucky. Talk about bass-ackwards!

She’s toiling away on an outline. Like she’s ever done that. Like she even knows how. Like an LAC weekend could possibly adhere to an outline! Challenges are good for the soul, she says, but we would know. Living in her head at the moment is a challenge all by itself, and our souls feel no good-er.

Also in her prep for November, she’s been stockpiling Halloween candy that I suspect has nothing to do with trick-or-treaters. Oh, and music, she’s loading up on that, too. And in her quest to find mood music for writing this book, she did find what she believes is Claudia’s and my theme song for LAC weekend nights. See what you think here.

Anyway, here’s the cover for the nonexistent LAC 16, Lore Mongers…

And speaking of bass-ackwards, here’s the blurb for the nonexistent LAC 16…

Once more, Ginny and Kris are sending the crew backwards. This time, they’re headed to the end of their first scavenger hunt, and the task given there will force them back to the very beginning of time. Confused? Join the club.



3 thoughts on “NaNoWeirdo

  1. Okay so she finally went and did it she picked a song.
    Well Kate, it does hit the high points wouldn’t you say?
    The song Kinda reminds me of Sandra Bullock in “Miss Congeniality” when she was singing “you know you like me, you know you want me” in that sing songie kinda way.
    All that said TYPO likes the song! Bravo!

    1. That’s funny. I thought of Miss Congeniality, too. Wouldn’t doubt if the green-eyed beauty had been one of those once upon a time, either.

      Yes, it hits a few of the high points. Yes, I like the song. Would have gone with Skin on Skin as opposed to Skin to Skin, though, but the Wilson sisters never asked my opinion.

  2. I listened to it a couple of times. I like Heart. Honestly I am a bit young to be a huge fan. No, just for the record I am not a Spears, Madonna, or TLC fan. My dad listened to ‘classic rock’ but he is a guy and preferred that guys rock.

    I think the song fits. I actually went back and watched Miss Congeniality again. Yep sure sounds similar, good call! I either love that movie or Sandra…

    So nanowrimo is that a brutal undertaking? I mean 50,000 words! I stress over ten page reports!

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