Halloween Squatter

The author had every intention of releasing her paranormal mystery, Squatter, next month. With a big ol’ duh, she sees Halloween on the calendar. Yep, we all rolled our eyes at her. So… It will be released Friday, Halloween, but only in our bookstore. Plus, if you use the coupon code boo2you on Friday, you’ll get a 15% discount on it. It’ll be released to the retailers and in paperback next week.

Squatter book cover

Blurb: For Trinity MacNeil, life and its people are overwhelming and intrusive. So when she inherits her aunt’s house, she seizes the opportunity to escape her life, saddened only to surrender her job as librarian. In the country, a mile outside the small town of Hillmon Point, she hopes to create a self-sustaining existence—a dream come true.

She’s quick to realize, however, that the house is an unwelcoming mausoleum: her aunt’s hospice setup still there, her cousin’s room the same as the day he died nearly twenty-three years ago. Caring deeply for both, she finds it difficult to remove the last reminders of their existence and simply avoids the upstairs.

But, when a figure begins appearing in her cousin’s playroom window, that becomes impossible. Whoever—or whatever—is upstairs is pulling her attention there, and as the activity increases, she realizes she is being led somewhere.

But, where?

And, by whom?

With nowhere to go and no one to turn to, she must reach inside herself to find the power to deal with the unearthly, and outside herself to let people near enough to help.