Book 4 Snippet

I thought it would be interesting to let you all read the first few paragraphs of Book 4. As I said, it’s Holly and Laura’s turn. I think we have legitimate reasons to fear for our lives.


Chapter 1

“We’ve decided you’re all sexually repressed,” Holly declared as Laura again aimed the camcorder at the lot of us, all cramped there on the couch. “So we’ve designed our weekend to help you lose your sexual inhibitions.”


Too frickin’ fast!

Back up!

Be kind: rewind.

Terror struck me when my mother let go of my hand, abandoning me in that crowded kindergarten room—

Jesus, not that far back! Half an hour, not a frickin’ lifetime!

Several minutes ahead of schedule, Claudia skirted the curb in front of Holly and Laura’s house for the monthly meeting of the Lesbian Adventure Club.

Theeeeeere we go!