Check out that little NaNo badge over yonder. It now says “Winner.” Apparently, you are all butt-shover extraordinaries!

She blasted the 50,000 cap this evening, five days ahead of schedule. Still a lot of work to do on the book, and, Jesus, she still hasn’t even let us go to bed on our Saturday night! Maybe she will now that she can relax about it all. We’ll give her a well-earned day off and then back at it.

Anyway, thanks for your butt shoves. 🙂



2 thoughts on “Whoosh!

    1. Well, she lectured us at the onset of NaNo that it wasn’t just her. So, I guess that means she did it with the help of the ten of us. Actually, it wasn’t one of us who gave her the craziness with which to sprint to the finish line. It was one of our guys. After she gets a chance to actually read what she’s written, I’ll swipe Chapter 1. Should be easy to figure out who that guy is.

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