T Minus 6,858

She has 6,858 words to go to hit the NaNo goal. You’d think that’d be like a spit in the proverbial bucket, but she’s running out of steam spit. She’s missed her daily goals two out of the last 3 days. No shit! Cookies aren’t helping. Coffee isn’t helping. Even cheesecake isn’t enough incentive. She’s tired, and, holy shit, we’re tired, too.


Imagine we’re all on a very loooong toboggan together: the author, the DWD, and all of you who can’t help but love us. We’re aimed downhill, but the thing just frickin’ isn’t going to go. Everyone needs to butt shove, that little maneuver you do in sync that pushes it along until it can get sliding on its own and then whoosh!

That’s where we are: stuck on the very tip of the good kind of downhill slide.

Everybody—and I do mean everybody—do a mental butt shove. Just get us over the hump! We need the whoosh! Please, oh please, oh please, we need the whoosh.

On the count of three…