The Long and the Short of It

Twenty-five days under the belt.

Five days left for 6,458 more words.

She thought that after having gotten this far, she’d be all ready to galumph to the finish line. I figure it’s more like the tortoise and the hare thing, though. A tortare or a hartoise for all you portmanteau fans and/or haters, and, um, mixing Aesop and Carroll would render Aerroll or Carrsop. 😆

Anyway, what the hell was I saying? … Oh yeah! She’s got the cockiness of a hare, but trust me, she’s moving like a tortoise. I’d say it’s time to drop kick the tortoise, but the vegan would probably kill me and feed me to all the turkeys she saved from having dressing shoved up their behinds yesterday.

Can you tell I’m tired? Overworked? Underpaid? Jesus, can we please just stop this? 😥